Triple Killzone 3 Helghast Edition Unboxings! What does it mean?

Three separate unboxing videos by the community at

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ediddy9992648d ago

Best unboxing videos ever!

Mmmkay2648d ago

the european box has the game and artbook placed inside the helmet, why are they differently packed?

XMBeaner2648d ago

that is a great question. Why does American version just get thrown together like garbage?

Stationfan2648d ago

Second Video was Kind of funny, Oh and what i find ironic is that K2 is always stated as having uninspiring characters. But the funny thing is that you will never stir up so many emotions of hate which eclipses emotions stired by the most memorable characters.

If you mention Rico, that if you were a gamer would make you think people are actually talking about a real person, how is that for lack of characterisation.

Krakn3Dfx2648d ago

"By the way, I can't not have a cigarette for less than 2 minutes while I make this video."

RayRay362648d ago

Are you fucking kidding me? Jesus Christ, I love gaming journalism

Toman852648d ago

In my Helghast Edition I got Steelbook Edition of the game :)