Lucha Fury - Two Remaining Characters Announced - Fatal Blaze & Princess Acky

Andy from GamerEuphoria writes:

"Punchers Impact would like to introduce you to the remaining two characters from Lucha Fury a brand new beat ’em up, due to be released on XBLA and PSN in March 2011 and PC later in the year.

Check out Fatal Blaze and Princess Acky's character information below:

* Fatal Blaze – he’s the smart ass, cheery chappy who’s a good all rounder and a great character to choose when getting to grips with the game. When not fighting he loves to hit the dance floor.

* Princess Acky – she’s the real hidden gem in the game. She has all the enemies falling at her feet and all fighting for her attention. She’s an expert at aerial moves with her long legs being her deadliest weapon."

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