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VGW's Jen Bosier writes: "Let it never be said that I did not enjoy BioWare’s Dragon Age: Origins. Having beaten the game (and subsequent DLCs and expansions) with every possible race/sex/class, you might say I was a fan. So, naturally, I have spent as much time as humanly possible with the recently released Dragon Age II demo."

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killyourfm2769d ago

I got insanely excited when I saw Arkham Asylum mentioned in the same article. Can't wait to get all bloody in DA2.

BShea2769d ago

I (shamefully) never played Dragon Age: Origins, so seeing everything around the web about DA2 is really making me want to delve into it. I'm a huge Bioware fan, so I can't really explain why I never got into it.

killyourfm2769d ago

Perhaps lack of time? I put 80 hours into DA:O...

jbomber2768d ago

My husband wasn't as keen as I on DA:O, either. He loved ME and ME2, but DA:O left him cold.

BShea2768d ago

Thats the impression I've gotten. I'm crazy about ME, but DA:O didn't look like it was appealing to me. Don't know why.

chak_2769d ago

I thought the demo sucked badly.

Won't buy the game unless it's a pure gem and the demo is crap on purpose.

young juice2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

i thought it was the best demo i played all year(maybe ever).

maybe cuz this wasnt even near my radar before i played the demo. now im sure im gonna get it... thats never happened before.

shovelface882768d ago


I thought a bit of the dialog was cheesy but overall I enjoyed it. The new combat is so much better as well, very fluid.

What did you not like about it?

chak_2768d ago

cheesy discussions

I HATE the art, it's brown, empty

crappy combat, yay to rush someone and cut in two 5 bad guys, yay to 1500k life point...

30sec combat / 2min cutscene / 30sec combat/ 2min cutscene.... boring.

bad UI

bad everything, I hated everything but the music, which is good and "classic"

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The story is too old to be commented.