Killzone 3 Japanese TV Commercial

Gamertag Radio writes: "Latest KIllzone 3 TV commercial from Japan."

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Cloudberry2699d ago


That's a good funny but short ad.

deafwing2698d ago

you know i lived in tokyo for a month and I still don't get some of their ads ... but they are always super quick and short like this ... :/

negroguy2698d ago

No idea what was said but it was funny.

protekjv2698d ago

maybe one of our Japanese friends in here can translate that for us. that was funny BTW.

JAMurida2698d ago

lol more like "mouth watering", lmao.

douchedebater2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

I read people saying it was funny. How was that funny if you don't know what was said. What if they said "This shit will never sell in Japan." Would it have been funny then?

Just a question? Just don't understand how something with a spoken punch line could be funny if you don't understand the punch line.

Pixel_Enemy2698d ago

It's called body language. It is still a funny ad even if you don't know what they are saying. What do you know about sales in Japan anyway? I can tell you that they love their PS3 games over there that much is true. You really live up to your username douche

douchedebater2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

Yo Jackass, I was simply asking a question about what if the commercial was saying that. I never implied that KZ3 was not selling in Japan. Read it again ASSHOLE and stop being so damn butt hurt like a little girl.

My username was made specifically for dicks like you!

KingME2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

I must say I have to agree with Douchedebater, what's with the personal attack Pixel_Emeny, he asked a question and you went all commando on him. I feel his response to you was adequate. You were being a dick.

I guess you imagination could make it funny, if you thought of something that could be funny to fill in the gaps, otherwise I'd have to agree hard to see something as funny when the commercial lasted about 10 seconds (if that) and was in a language that you couldn't understand. (At least I couldn't)

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The story is too old to be commented.