Sony Unleash Killzone 3 Upon India writes: "Ever played a video game on a 30 foot screen? We have and it's freaking awesome."

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sikbeta2701d ago

KZ3 + 30 foot screen = *Envy* :P

vsr2701d ago

Nice to see Sony is marketing this on India. Potential customer base. Population is 1,000 million + !!!!

nix2701d ago

for the amount of chaos that takes place on a screen.. i hope they were able to identify enemies and shoot them down. i have 32" tv... i still can't figure out jackshit.

belal2701d ago

lol this is awesome! and if they advertise the ps3 more in india, it may become the next USA. the population there is siiiiick!

Calm Down Sunshine2701d ago

Quite literally, so I think food might be a priority before Killzone 3.

indiagamer2701d ago

what world are you living in dude...!

good to know sony thinks otherwise... they are not smoking weed there and advertising there game on such big scale here... u have no idea about gaming market in india dude..!!

sony are king in electronics in india.. they know what they are doing..!

Calm Down Sunshine2701d ago

The world where 80% of 1,155,347,678 people live on less than $2 a day :(

nix2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

sunshine is right. 40% of them live under the poverty line. what they earn is petty.

Sony probably did that in one city. i live in india even i didn't know about it. PS2 is still the fav Playstation system here. each PS3 game costs 2500 indian rupees. with that money some family can survive for a month. so gaming on PS3 is crazy expensive.

OneWorld2701d ago

This game is going to sell alot.