Dara O'Briain: 'I never thought I'd become an advocate for gaming'

Whether proudly declaring his love for the medium on prime time BBC One, stealing the show on Charlie Brooker's Gameswipe - or, indeed, defending his hobby right here on CVG - he is, by many gamers, fondly seen as 'our' celebrity.

We caught up with O'Briain to discuss interactive entertainment's role in his life, his opinion of how it's represented in the media and why gaming's nerds and science's geeks have a lot in common - including his respect...

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RedDead2555d ago

Good interview. Props from your home country Dara.

Corrwin2555d ago

Great. Now I have a Nerd Man-Crush.

He can hotseat GTA drunk with me any time.

Redempteur2555d ago

Well he made some good points about gaming in front of some still trapped in misconceptions from the middle ages