PC Bulletstorm locked at 62 FPS, game's config files encrypted

Epic Games and People Can Fly's Bulletstorm, due in Europe tomorrow, is locked at 62 frames per second on PC according to the encrypted config files.

High-end machines don't get much chance to strut their stuff as the studio keeps settings 'light' compared to most other titles. Aim-assist is on by default.

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Daz2766d ago

But 62 fps is more then enought

RedDead2766d ago

Well that's true, it does show that they weren't focusing on the Pc version much though. Otherwise they would have taken advantage of the newer hardware. I wouldn't be surprised if a hacker/modder enables more though.

Ranshak2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Many games have been out with such locks only to be unlocked via some hack. Transformers being a recent example.

distorted_reality2766d ago

I'm more interested in why aim-assist would be on by default lol. I vysnc everything these days so the cap doesn't bother me too much.

InFAMOUS12766d ago

Aim assist with a mouse? Why would a dev even consider that option for a PC title?

Vorgier2766d ago

Maybe some people suck at aiming?

WhiteNoise2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

I made a thread on the forums of how to fix some of the things in the config and what settings do what etc.

This below link is a direct link to a tool that lets you edit the config


The link is also in the forum post...

The main things are disabling frame rate smoothing and increase texture streaming pool size.


There is an option in the menu that disables aim assist.

The article is making a big deal out of nothing.

Here is a quote from the devs regarding the PC version of bulletstorm. People who have the PC version on Guru3d that have looked into the config verified that the developers claims are true as a lot of additional graphical features of UE3 that are turned off in other games, are turned on in the config by default.

"Jessen says the development pipeline for Bulletstorm, which is a DirectX 9/10 game, has essentially been creating the PC version first by pushing the envelope of the graphics and processing power and then dialing it down for the console versions.

"Of course, the console versions look fantastic, but with the PC version we’re able to feature a lot of the hi-res textures and advanced rendering, which allows for ambient lighting, anti-aliasing, and cool effects like our god beams to be processed all at once," says lessen. “With the PC game, we’re able to tum all of the switches on and take it to the next leveL visually.” "

bozebo2766d ago

fps cap isn't really a problem.

There are however 2 big problems: aim assist and forced mouse smoothing.

all the issues above can be fixed, however.

Still, they could have paid a little more attention. It's not exactly hard to default it with good settings instead of the bad ones they chose as default.

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