VideoGamer: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Hands-On

There's a definite charm in the game's unrivalled sprawl, and these clusters of overlapping, intertwining paths will inevitably trigger an aneurysm in anyone who does their best to visit and explore every single nook and cranny.

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Ranshak2728d ago

bought it as d2d for 36usd. insane price for a goty contender title.

bozebo2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

I've pre-ordered it already too :D gonna need a new graphics card now lol :(

I like the way cd projekt red stand in the face of adversity and focus on a PC title where other devs run to the multiplat/console camp because they are afraid of the pirates.

Treat the potential pirates well and they will be happy to pay for the game, offer them a ported piece of junk and they are going to get a cracked version instead.

The PC platform has by far the largest potential userbase, they just need to be catered for and the cash will come rolling in for the dev/publisher.

WhiteNoise2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

I HATE digital distribution and buy all my games retail. Buy I think I am going to buy this one from GoG because 100% of the profit goes straight in Cd Projects pocket as they own the DD service.

If The Witcher; a debut game from a brand new developer with a very small budget, can make the best RPG I've played and make much bigger budget game like Dragon Age from a large established RPG heavyweight like Bioware....look like a second rate POS.

Then imagine what they could do with an equal budget.

I want CD project to get the sales/profit they deserve so they can make more amazing games.

DA2 looks/plays amazing, but it has no god damn story. The Witcher raised the level of maturity and originality of RPG stories by a lot. I want to see innovation and seeing as PC is the primary platform, innovation is assured.

Tex1172727d ago

Do you know that DA2 doesn't have a good story?