Halo 3 Pre-Order woes

Loot Ninja finds it interesting that some retailers were pushing for consumers to pre-order Halo 3 and actually told people that they couldn't sell the game opening day without pre-orders, this is ridiculous.

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taz80804068d ago

It is insane to force people to pre-order games that there will be a ton of and then after the pre-order still screw them over. insane!

CyberSentinel4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Gamestop say this of all major titles. Talk to them about GTA4 and they will tell you the same thing...."dude, you better pre-order if you want a copy"...most of the time one is not needed, but there is no harm in securing a copy with a pre-order (which is fully refundable). Titles like Halo 3, GTA4 and Mass Effect are must have titles for me, so I will make sure I have my copy on Day 1.

taz80804068d ago

I agree, this isnt a Halo only problem. My issue isnt about the pre-orders it is with the fact that if i walk up on launch day to get a title they look at me like i am retarded and odnt want ot sell me the game, even though they have tons on hand. if it is limited then i would understand, like pre-ordering hardware, but software for the most part, especially with AAA titles are never limited in supply.

ukilnme4068d ago

When I picked up Halo 3 from Gamestop today, the clerk asked me if I had it preordered. I surely did but the way he asked made me feel like he wouldn't have sold me a copy if it wasn't preordered. In the end I guess all that matters is that I have a copy.

snoop_dizzle4068d ago

really pushed me to preorder games. I did with the ratchet and clank one and fortunetly i got the demo with it. They pushed halo wars like crazy on me and i said no, and other games as well. However i preordered COD4 and didn't get an email for the beta wich i was supposed to get. But fortunetly i wasn't really waiting to get into the beta though i will definetly be buying it. I got halo 3 and warhawk to keep me company.

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jackdoe4068d ago

That is a poor business practice by those retailers which is why I don't really shop at Gamestop.

WIIIS14068d ago

$194 million within 24 hours! That's friggin' amazing!

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