Levine: First-person can provide "childhood experience of play"

Irrational Games' Ken Levine, creator of BioShock, has said the first-person perspective is "one less barrier" to a game's experience for the videogamer.

It lets us be in "someone else's shoes," which is something 'very natural to children' when they play, but "much more difficult for adults." 'Transpose identity'.

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Spinal2770d ago

(((((Spoiler Alert)))))

It's true I really felt the betrayal of Alistair. He tricked me! *shakes fist*

The atmosphere of Bioshock the whole experience is something i'll never forget. Absolutely a great game. kudos Irrational games.

bozebo2770d ago

Wow, first person is news?

... anyway.
Reminds me of system shock 2, damn that game was amazing. (bioshock is basically a watered down high res remake with a different storyline and fancier/newer tech)

DragonKnight2770d ago

I personally hate first person view. I find the sight to be too narrow with no real peripheral view.

Ducky2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

On consoles maybe since the fov is set down to a mind-boggling low value (especially when it is supposed to be in widescreen).

I don't know why console games (along with some PC ones) don't come with adjustable fov. =/
There shouldn't be that large of a performance hit.

Picnic2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

I love Bioshock (I haven't played the second game - just a retreading apparently) and I honestly think that Bioshock : Infinite could easily be better than the first game - it will be the true evolution of the genre with multi storied buildings and both dark AND light environments being scary.

However I don't fully agree with his view on FPS games. An adventure game like Uncharted would be a poorer game if it was FPS. Instead of playing an heroic character who looks like they know what they are doing you are just playing... yourself, always trying to work out who is around you instead of being able to relax and enjoy the environment. Bioshock relied on a more continuous, action-oriented, fear so FPS suited it but I hope that Bioshock Infinite has more of an adventure aspect to it with extended periods where there are helpful people who you can leisurely talk to and buildings you can explore just for the sake of it with nobody attacking you at all.

Syaz12770d ago

i think most people tend to confuse first person and first person SHOOTER. i think the first person genre has plenty more to offer, and it is very effect narrative wise when taken advantage of since ur seeing things from the characters pov. a good example of this would be in the darkness where you witness your girlfriend being executed right before your eyes.