Female Fighter Michele “Diablita” Gutierrez Trailer

“Joining the roster of fighters for Supremacy MMA is definitely awesome,” said Gutierrez. “The game takes a totally different approach to MMA so I think it’s perfect that this is the game that features women for the first time.”

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Hitman07692580d ago

Easy on the eyes for sure but can kick some ass.


this girl would kill us, literally

MaxOpower2580d ago

She looks like a dude.....

awiseman2580d ago

was about to say that...

Pozzle2579d ago

If that's what you think a dude looks like, then you might need glasses.

midgard2272580d ago

thats the stiffist gameplay ive ever seen. and michelle, she looks k, not my type. but the other girl, Ewwww dude like to the max

macky3012580d ago

Id hit both of those you guys call 'dudes',.. :)
but that is just me,..

bumnut2580d ago

better make sure you do a good job or pow!

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