Ok. Seriously. Halo: Reach, Legendary - $59.99, Limited - $39.99. Free Shipping. Go.

So you may be the type who’s all “Pffft, special editions are for SUCKERS! I’d rather buy the ‘regular’ version and use the money I save to buy more Manga comics.” Well, normally, I’d agree 100%. But when you can get Halo: Reach Legendary Edition for the same price that the Standard version was at launch ($59.99!), you’d have to be a chump NOT to jump all over this!

The statue is awesome and is a must for any Halo fan, but many will say they don’t need another collectible sitting around “collecting dust”. Those people are idiots. Uh, I mean, no problem!

If you like additional back story included with your Intergalactic Space Marine adventures (without the ‘pointless’ action figures) then you’ll definitely enjoy the Halo: Reach Limited Edition for the STUPID low price of $39.99! The Limited Edition comes with...

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awiseman2763d ago

pretty good deal. At least fanboys arent inflating the price to way more than its worth. *cough* Uncharted 2 limited $600 ebay *cough*

R_aVe_N2763d ago

There was a huge difference between the two. The UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Fortune Hunter Edition was not even sold in stores.....

seinfan2763d ago

Why would someone pay the price of two or three consoles for one game and little trinkets?

ASSASSYN 36o2763d ago

Because, I can that's why.

rezzah2763d ago

Because its rare, and the meaning of "limited edition" or "collector's edition" means much more when compared to items easily found in stores.

NoobJobz2763d ago

Legendary for $60? Nice.

midgard2272763d ago

its a good deal, to bad any halo fan already has this

Sean Ryno2763d ago

From a person who bought the Legendary Edition on day one for ~$150. This kinda burns. Limited edition my ass.

cgmike2763d ago

Yeah I learned my lesson after Halo 3 dropped to, like, $3.

I bought Reach Standard at launch and stalked Legendary until my pre-established "target price" of $79.99 was hit. Sold Standard for almost what I paid. And I'm STILL a little mad I coulda got Legendary for $20 less LOL.

Can only imagine how you feel. Here, have a bubble :)

bitboi2763d ago

but but i thought this was a limited edition! lol...this once again proves why you shouldn't run out and buy these things for the ridiculous prices they sell'em for. They never sell out and always see a drastic price cut! limited my ass!

kneon2763d ago

It depends on the publisher, sometimes they really are made in limited quantities.

I did get the Resistance 2 collectors edition for $20 and a couple months ago I saw the Halo Reach Legendary edition on a one day sale for $39.99. But I paid full price for LBP2, AC Brotherhood and KZ3 Helghast edition.

If you're willing to wait you may save a bundle, but you may also miss out entirely.

bitboi2763d ago

That's true if you do wait, you can miss out. But for the most part, all of the "limited" edition bundles that've seen lingering around months after release are always the bundles for the big games released. Because they know that said game will sell, they think the "limited" edtions would sell out too. But that's mostly not the case.

Vaud-Villian2763d ago

Try and find a Demon Soul's Collectors Edition, I dare you

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