Darkspore Beta Keys for Free - Get Yours Now!

JI writes: "Alienware Arena is giving away beta keys to the new Darkspore for PC which is set in a mutatious, top-down beast world. You can get it easily and quickly if you are an Alienware Arena member. I signed up at PAX East during some multi-player fragging contests last year and you can sign up easily for free today as well to redeem your own key."

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SpaceSquirrel2731d ago

The game looks fun. I might try the beta out.

Hitman07692731d ago

I have been dying to get in on this beta. Watched a live dev stream and it looked pretty decent for a top-down game.

Drjft2731d ago

Got me one of dem dere beta keyz!


nice one! darkspore might just be a great game... might

Spinal2731d ago

I wonder if SWTOR and GW2 gameplay vids will be at Pax this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.