Bulletstorm PS3 vs. Xbox 360: Stunning Screenshot Comparison

This article compares the PS3 to the Xbox 360 version of Bulletstorm. Which version looks better?

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NukaCola2771d ago

I skimmed the article, and I honestly can't tell the difference at all.

deafwing2770d ago

flame war material at its finest :p

Spydiggity2770d ago

sure is.

and i'm so sick of seeing these ridiculous adjectives in the article titles.

Iroquois_Pliskin2770d ago

i couldnt read the article because of the damn Dead Space 2 ad...

awiseman2771d ago

Agin they use the word stunning...way overused

There isnt even a real difference

Munky2771d ago

Their should be a filter put in place when submitting an article to remove the word "stunning". It's almost as overused as the word "epic" on N4G.

DelbertGrady2771d ago

I reported the article for it, but since it's the staff from the site that published it who approve it they don't mind the reports. Hiphopgamer uses the same tactic. N4G mods let anything slide.

OpiZA2771d ago

The most painfull word on the internet.

Pillville2771d ago

this article is a stunning epic fail!

DigitalAnalog2771d ago

That would be cheap an unfair considering this was made by EPIC. I don't have evidence to support this but if I turn out to be right, then shame on them.

Just my 2 cents of course.

-End of Line

killyourfm2771d ago

also "Visceral" and "blew us away."

DMason2771d ago

They look exactly the same.

As far as the title goes, lately there has been an abundance of sensationalized titles floating around here. Amazing, epic, stunning, insane. It's against N4G policy to use sensationalized titles. This is "supposed" to be a news site. Although I don't consider "Fanboy breaks Killzone 3 Disc" as news.

GodofSackboy2770d ago

What has happened to you awiseman? A week ago you would have been all over this article saying that PS3 sucks and xbox is better. Were you hacked?

Vherostar2770d ago

No difference really except the game looks jaggy as hell next to no AA used on the game. Seems since this is the best 360 can do (EPICs own engine that7s used on GOW) PS3 can match it quite easily..

Maddens Raiders2770d ago

well don't forget, "awesome".

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hamburger1232771d ago

See Treyarch?

It can be done.

gypsygib2771d ago

Lol, it's clear that EA is a better publisher than Activision. All of EA games are virtually identical.

x8002771d ago

haha Stunning Screenshot Comparison, whats so stunning about screenshot Comparisons which look identical?

GoGoGadge72771d ago

Team XBOX & IGN determined that the definitive console for Bulletstorm is the PS3. Draw distances are farther, frame-rate is more stable, it truly is ironic considering it was designed by Epic.

But they have also optimized Unreal Engine 3 to perform some amazing shit on PS3 hardware.

My 360 goes unplayed as I am balls deep in Killzone 3 and Bulletstorm.

JonDiskonected2771d ago

Bulletstorm sets a new standard for UE3 games, with brilliant color and great lighting. Unfortunately, the PS3 version has some framerate issues and lacks some of the lighting effects on PC and 360.

haha you're full of ****

JonDiskonected2771d ago

how am I getting disagress, the guy says that ign said the ps3 version is better, but in the ign review they say that the ps3 version has trouble with the framerate and is missing lightning effects

Frak2771d ago

your quoting IGN, show that you know a much about gaming as a 5 year old. LOL

Snakefist302771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )


StupidDude2771d ago

Arthur Gies, the guy at IGN who reviewed that, is a very widely-known massive Xbox fanboy.

he's generally a pretty smart dude, but, never, ever trust anything he says about the PS3.

i'd honestly assume he didn't even play the PS3 version for more than 5 minutes.

NeutralGamer2771d ago

"your quoting IGN, show that you know a much about gaming as a 5 year old. LOL"

Lol he as just proving that GoGoGadge7 was lying in the face of all the people who pressed the agree button...

We are not discussing wether or not that IGN is right, but the fact that GoGoGadge7 writes the exact opposite of what IGN says, and yet all the fanboys agrees and press disagree at JonDiskonected who proves with facts, links and a quote that GoGoGadge7 is lying...

Its truly amazing to see how disillusional fanboys are...

Jazz41082770d ago

Your getting disagrees because its negative aginst the ps3 and on n4g that's a big no no even when its true. You have to use damage control.

MaxXAttaxX2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

That's such BS. They're virtually identical.

[edit] I don't think GoGoGadget was lying

NeutralGamer2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )


he IS lying!

Did you even read beyond page 1? Here is a link to page 2:

On page 2 it is already concluded that someone must have mixed up the footage and that the Xbox 360 footage was captures with Non-HDMI cable to make it look more bad... Some of the pictures of the 360 footage is even taken with a camera offscreen!

Shit fanboys are getting more and more creepy.. What does they dont do to make PS3 look superior?

Go away with your lies fanboy scum!

MaxXAttaxX2769d ago

So I WAS right.
They do look virtually identical

NeutralGamer2769d ago


Like I said we are not discussing if there are identical in this little ongoing discussion :P

We are making fun of how a fanboy can write the exact opposite of IGN, and then claim they wrote it...


I say that Ballmer said in the E3 keynote, that he loved the PS3 over Xbox 360... Did he really say that? No? Then why would I lie... And people pres the agree button on the liar like a madman!

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Tinasumsum2771d ago

Gamedynamo and will always try and falsely make the PS3 look good if they think they can get away with it. Videogamezone worst offense was COD 2 when they swapped 360 and PS3 pics.

The real differences

Example of trickery from these known pro PS3 sites

They swap the PS3 version pics with the 360 version pics when they think they can get away with it. They never show the HUD or button prompts in the screenshots for a reason.

GoGoGadge72771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )


Actually I was referencing this:

Jesus tap dancing Christ you all need to get a fucking life. A person can make a fucking mistake.

And I have no idea why I even included IGN. I wrote this crap on my iPad. That link forwards to a user post within the forum of Team

Look at the screenshots. Or if you'd like.. come over to my house and play it either on 360 or PS3. I have both.

And while we are on the subject of fanboys.


The homepage is nothing but PS3 shit practically. Granted today an exeption.

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