Top 10 Best Boots In Gaming

Inspired by Bulletstorm's awesome kick move, the top ten best boots in gaming.

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fastrez2699d ago

Don't listen to that utter dickhead Urmomlol, he's just a wanker.

This is a funny article, top spot is pure retro gold too.

Mike Bell2699d ago

Awesome article, nothing better than showing people the bottom of your boot.

Matronedea2699d ago

Awesome article. I wish some of those were real (and wouldn't cost thousands of dollars) so I could have them in real life.
Legend of Legaia had some good boots, too, though.

monkeyfunx2699d ago

I feel Karibo’s Shoe should be at the top like, well, maybe just behind Bulletstorm's but only just mind!


lordkemp0072699d ago

The best boot in gaming would be the steel capped size 9 delivered first class post to the b0ll0x of Bobby Kotick.