Ex-Bizarre design manager explains why studio was closed by Activision

Former design manager Gareth Wilson of the now closed Bizarre Creations has explained why he believes the studio ended - it's the nature of the beast.

Getting brand new IP noticed at this point in the console cycles is hard, gamers are "less willing to 'take a risk'" when they can just 'fall back' on big names.

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aviator1892730d ago

Wow, you've got problems.

gravemaker2730d ago

and you actually thinks that Bizzare is bunch of geniuses? They did nothing good except PGR and then went to Activision and did a few mediocre games and get closed
how you call that situation? they are stupid, thats all

peowpeow2730d ago

Ignorant. You don't write off developers as being 'losers' and 'stupid', they work very hard. Many developers do not create hits but that doesn't instantly degrade them to losers. I personally love Blur, PGR and Geometry Wars

CyberCam2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Actually, gamers are the real losers (no pun intended). As more and more studios close, we will have less & less choices. However the gaming market has become very saturated, competition is good but when there are months when 3-6 big titles are released... so someone has to be the losers when it comes to sales.

Another thing is, the bad cycle of high cost to produce big games (not small indi games) & the high cost to purchase them. Gamers just don't have the large sums of money to spend on the many 15 to 30 big titles a year!

Finally, gaming itself changed a lot! It went from being a hobby for kids & a certain type of adult, too a mainstream part of culture where almost everyone games in some form or another. It's a very watered down experience presently!

edgeofblade2730d ago

Let me go more to the point.

Gamers are losers, because they feel entitled to everything, and when they don't get it (for free, no less) they act like a children, like gravemaker.

Well, most of us. I nearly neglected to add that, because I'm increasingly disassociating with games in favor of a new hobby, brewing beer. I dislike sharing this space with his ilk. But I have yet to break my fingers of the habit of typing

Flexatron2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

They've accomplished more than you ever will, butt pirate.

gravemaker2730d ago

lol, you don't even know me, pathetic troll

Ghoul2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

@ grave

i suggest you leave and never come back :)

oh yes sorry, where the door is you asked ?
see turn around, its right there at the end of the internet.


FanboyPunisher2730d ago

Seems hes digging his own gave here on N4G.

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callahan092730d ago

I just bought Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 right after the studio was closed. Who gets my money? Does any of it somehow find its way to the people who made the wonderful game itself, or is it all going to go to the publisher now? I mean, in normal circumstances, the individuals wouldn't get paid directly since the game has been out so long and they aren't paid on a royalty basis, but the studio they work for would have gotten paid in a sense towards funding for their next project, but with the studio gone, is there any benefit whatsoever for the people who made the game?

Venatus-Deus2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Doesn't it depend on who owns the copyright?

Whoever owns the intellectual property would be entitled to ongoing royalties. If you’re just an employee of the developer your employment contract will clearly state that you don’t own anything you create or develop while that contract is in place.


It's also very unlikely that any one/two individual/s will own the IP.

What likely is that Bizarre Creations would have owned a large percentage so you can spilt any future royalties between whatever deal was done with past shareholders.

gamingdroid2730d ago

I don't know who made Geometry Wars, but usually the rightsholder gets the funds. The rights though could be sold during the closure (or even bankruptcy) proceeding, so don't worry. NO MONEY IS LEFT ON THE TABLE!

That is the way it should be, because it ensure the investors aren't completely screwed (but still 99% screwed) when a company goes belly up.

PS3BURN2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

It's always a shame when a studio dies. Especially one with a cool name like Bizarre. If they hadn't sold their soul to Activision things might have gone a little different.

Senden2730d ago

I hope activision haters read the article. It goes to show who the real ones who lose are when people fight against corporate greed.

I played and loved blur and would have bought it in a heartbeat had it not been for activision publishing it. Can't help but feel a little bit guilty.

Lirky2730d ago

What a bizzare story no pun intended.

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