What you can expect to see at Microsoft's X11 Press Conference later today

If you didn’t know, Microsoft is holding a pre-GDC press conference later today which is generally being referred to as X11. The event promises to show off various ‘core’ titles amongst the announcements, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled to the site in roughly 12 hours. Until then, take a look at a few of the games and announcements you might expect to see when the show finally does kick off.

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RedDead2728d ago

Skyrim shi*. Hopefully a bigger reveal, probably a little teaser on their website today and a longer vid during the conferance

BlazeCP32728d ago

its a microsoft event... why would skyrim be shown...

Cenobia2728d ago

Because they purchased [timed] exclusive DLC.

I'd put money on them announcing that soon (if not now then a later event). That way they can pretend it's exclusive like they do with COD at E3 every year.

Megaton2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

It's a Microsoft event... why wouldn't Skyrim be shown?

Since it's Bethesda I've got no doubt in my mind that they've secured some timed exclusive content. Bethesda loves turning their backs on their PC/PS3 fans.

macky3012728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Gears of Skittles,..

New Gears footage and details, some great trailers and official Halo CE remake announcement,..
Probably some new hardcore ip announcement for the fall,.. or they totally forfeited for this year, because even if there is something new at E3 it will probably be released in 2012-2013,..

nilamo2728d ago

Do not expect megatons. Maybe one or two new titles.

Megaton2728d ago

Yeah, I won't be there.

Masterchef20072728d ago

More Kinect games for sure. And maybe some new core games for 2012. Now that i think of it Kingdoms hasnt had anything shown recently so thats probably what we will see.

Anon19742728d ago

Yeah, I'm betting on more Kinect games - maybe something about the Kinect SDK. I expect Microsoft is going to ride Kinect hard for the rest of this gen.

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The story is too old to be commented.