The Gaming Show - Episode 5

The Gaming Show - Episode Five

In Episode Five of The Gaming Show:

- Fanboy Vision : We compare the technical differences of Dead Space 2 across all formats to find out which version is the one you should invest in.

- Little Big Planet 2 Review : We cast a critical eye over one of the most anticipated games released for the PS3 in early 2011. Feature sponsored by

- We've Come A Long Way Baby! : Another insight into how game mechanics have evolved and advanced over the last forty years featuring footage of one of the best motion-controlled examples released in 2010.

- Greatest Movie to Game Adaptations : In this episode, we take a look at a famous scene from a blockbuster movie and thanks to its movie quality visuals, seamlessly blend videogame graphics into the scene.

- When Videogames Become Real : What would happen if the videogame world bled into the real world? This feature accurately simulates that very thought.

- Kinect Wipeout : Not only do we have the breaking news that the Wipeout series is heading to Kinect on Xbox 360 this summer, we also have world exclusive preview footage of the game in action!

- The Gaming Show Awards : Also in this episode we display nominations for our end of year videogame award ceremony. This episode features nominations for the following categories:

- Best Horror
- Best Stealth
- Best Animation

~The Gaming Show

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