Sony: Xperia Play 'is cooler than iPhone, probably not as expensive'

CVG: Sony Ericsson UK marketing manager David Hilton has claimed that using the Xperia Play, aka the PlayStation Phone, is "much cooler than using an iPhone".

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FragGen2731d ago

+1. I hate the iPhone and Apple, but the fact is the iPhone is still the hottest gadget going fashion wise and in the mind of American culture. This little piece of nerd jewelry is hardly likely to make a dent in that.

nycrekid2731d ago

For every lover of the Iphone there is a hater so there is a market for this.

Spinal2731d ago

Day one. :)

This is gonna replace my iphone so i guess it is 'cooler'.

klado2731d ago

This is something I can pop out and not be seen like a f nerd.

Xperia > Iphone, Os, gaming, batery, nothing moar to say.

slinky1234562731d ago

Haha, i see your point, its like pulling out a psp in a docters office looking like a nerd but pulling out a phone no one criticises about it.

klado2731d ago

LOL, true an on the college too xD

gamingisnotacrime2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

and then is kingdom hearts, to those unfamiliar is the definition of a nerd to be playing around with disney characters lol cefeteria

karl2731d ago

wow.. never saw it that way

u just made me decide on my next cellphone..

DontShoot-Me-Bro2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

I don't want a phone to make me look 'cool' or to be 'cooler' than the iphone, I just want a phone that does everything quickly and efficently.

How about talking about that or about the gaming side of it or battery life or more on the inner details.

Put me right off with..."much cooler than using an iPhone"

klado2731d ago

If you were interested, wouldn't you researched that out already?...

Batery for gaming last around 5 and half a hour, don't know phone focus on the batery, but for gaming alone it rape iphone off.

Spec pretty much can be comparable to iphone 4 nothing much, but I just want to use this offroad and ngp on my home, there.

Jack Meahoffer2731d ago


They'd be better off hyping what it can do than hyping it as "cooler" or an iPhone "killer". I think comparisons like that especially to the iPhone which is cleary groundbreaking do a disservice to any new platform.

How many times have anything hyped as a X killer EVER come through on that?Honestly I cant think of one example but can think of tons that have failed.

ABizzel12731d ago

Well it depends. The app store is what makes the iPhone.

So if PlayStation Suite really evolves into something as impressive then it could be. As of now the Xperia is a technically sound device, and competing with the top dogs tech wise (except for the new dual core processor phones).

But PlayStation Suite needs to start off with PS1 classics, PS Minis, and User generated content such as apps/games/etc...

Afterward it needs to gain a larger community of developers for more user generated content, and add PSP games, PS2 games, and PSN games all of which should be able to run on such a phone.

Highlife2731d ago

Don't forget you also get the android market.

Ju2731d ago

They need to come out with some native games from some major publishers, otherwise its useless.

NFS:Shift (which already exists - but in a PSS version, incl. controls), some Ubi title and a great shooter.

Plus all the PS1 classics and stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.