Bulletstorm Review - Oh! Sick, Bro.

Does the game have the chops to stack up to other FPS titles on the market? See for yourself in this review from OSB!

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PrimordialSoupBase2767d ago

It saddens me that someone actually named their website that.

Sean Ryno2767d ago

Great! Still gonna wait for it to be cheap though. Cuttin' back on my gaming a bit. For sure buys are Portal 2 and Skyrim this year. But I intend to enjoy others such as this one some how.

arukun142767d ago

Really good titles this time around. Those are in my list too. Gonna save up for the next few months! ;)

earbus2767d ago

Good to see bucket head sean love it ,are they new zealanders or what bro hey fush and chups.

iistuii2767d ago

My copy today, I ain't had so much fun in a FPS ever, great stuff, really good game, and trying to get the skill shot kills is a laugh. I dunno, killing skilfully lol.

sp1deynut2766d ago

It's like Gears, Serious Sam and Duke Nukem all smashed together....but more fun than any of them.

It's fun to go back and replay levels, either from the Chapter menu, or on Echos, just to experiment with different weapons, skillshots and combos.

It's no GOTY contender...and I know EPIC and PCF never intended it to be.... but it's a damn fine FPS, and well worth all the great reviews. Skyrim, ME3, and Uncharted 3 are my top 3 GOTY picks, without even needing to play them...but I'd give Bulletstorm an "Honorable Mention", if I had a vote.

Inside_out2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Wasn't sure what I was going to get. The trailers looked incredible and then they released, what to me looked like a very average demo...the game is anything but...

Fantastic visuals with outrageous weapons made for a very entertaining run through. Great variety of enemies that force you to adapt different weapon combinations and a b-movie, pop corn chewing story line and set pieces that keeps the action moving forward at a rapid has been a very pleasant surprise. People can fly and Grayson Hunt will no doubt be back for more....BRAVO

Playing this game really has me hyped for Gears 3 and all the new weapons and melee that game is going to have. One thing I missed in this was that Gears cover system tho this is a very different game. The double tap A slide never gets old.