Interstellar Marines Development Confirmed For PS3 And Xbox 360

Gaming Blend " may be hearing a lot more about Interstellar Marines because Zero Point Software (the developers behind this ambitious sci-fi adventure) has their hands on PS3 and Xbox 360 development kits and the game is being planned for release across the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360"

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Ninver2764d ago

I thought this was vaporware. Was it announced back in 2007?


Thinking the same thing. Its a crowded market out there, I hope they bring something worth while and innovative.

Redman222764d ago

Dude it's got sharks with frickin' laser beams on its head. I'm def picking this one up.

“Sony has a much more liberal publishing going for the PlayStation Network. So we’re allowed to publish there without a publisher, which is pretty fantastic. ”

Sony WIN. :P

Black_Arrow2764d ago

Thought it was already confirmed.

Anyway, good news. I think it look's pretty good.

Quagmire2764d ago

My god Microsoft are assholes. Whats with the "No Publisher = No Publishing" rule?

FFS, just release it on PSN and PC only.

awiseman2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Idk about that the devs for the Zombie MMO said that MS made is easier for them to develope for which is why they chose Xbox exclusively.

Also these guys had publishers for over a year now. I no I have been a member of their site and been supporting their develpoemnt for over a YEAR now. That would really just be a safeguard to prevent funny-buisness come release day, after all how can you make a game and release it yourself unless your a publisher as well? Without a publisher Its like mixing cake batter without an oven to bake it in! (and please no jokes about the xbox cooking it -_- seriousely lol)

And this game has been confirmed since 2004! This news is old and moldy!