Neocrisis: Can Sony and Hotz make amends...before it's too late?

Sony v Hotz is, in a way, the same kind of case that the Nintendo v Songboy/Songpro case was about ten years ago: someone using code used in a machine to do features that isn’t currently within the system. Sony doesn’t like their code being used for anything other than what they want it to be used for, and they sue on the basis of enabling piracy and cheating, as well as copyright infringement. However, with how poor system sales of the PS3 in January has also hit front pages (which has baffled everyone as to what the cause is since the games DID sell well), the more this case drags out, the more people will sour on Sony’s side of the story. So the solution might be what Nintendo and Songboy/Songpro did ten years ago with Jessie Jackson's aid: work out a compromise.

I’m sure every Sony fanboy in the world is nerd raging at that proposition right now. But calm yourself for just a moment so I can explain why this might be within both parties’ interests.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Theyre in court. Its already too late. From the tone of the article the author is obviously pro hotz.

DJMarty2699d ago

Just bang Geo up and be done with it.

nycrekid2699d ago

Hotz already jumped of the cliff, just waiting to fall now. Question is will he fall on rocks or water.

Chances are he thought the case would be open and shut like his case with Apple but just like an over excited poker player he may have overplayed his hand.