Rumor: Echochrome, not the only game in the franchise.

OPM is reporting Sony of Japan has patented 3 other names, related to the Echochrome franchise entitled Echoblack, Echosepia and Echowhite. Echochrome was first shown at E3 2007 and has been intriguing fans with it's geometry based puzzles.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3585d ago

echochrome looks amazing.

hopefully theres more to come.

hazeblaze3585d ago

I like the game concept & am looking forward to playing it... but I'm somewhat at a loss to how enamored some ppl are with this gamed! Looks fun but pretty simple... still as puzzle games go, it'll probably be pretty good. Definitely something new.

blusoops3585d ago

So when is this game being released? I'm anxious to play it already!

felidae3585d ago

ps3 is where the next gen gameplay is

malingenie3585d ago

Keep bringing the weird goodies, PS... that's your main charm!

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