Battlefield: Huge Trailer Analysis Reveals Unknown Details

A new Battlefield 3 trailer analysis reveals some unknown details of the upcoming Shooter from Electronic Arts.

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MARKUS_MAX1MUS2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

awesome vid, could clearly see everything in detail aswell as the fact the game has motion blur.

It seems they are going for a much more realistic, serious angle with this BF.

thats something I like, I like how prone is back in so you can crawl up behind cover etc and make yourself a smaller target.

Hope they have realistic Gun physics in this with the realistic movement approach they seem to be taking, it wouldnt work if they have the "COD no recoil, no spread" BS.

On a closing note every weapon needs a fire selector.

On a second closing note, tanks need to be able just to smash through buildings, imagine multiplayer and a tank just smashes through a building infront of you, be intense!

Whitey2k2699d ago

i dont think tanks tanks can smash through them sky scrapers im sure they can with like a house or some sort :)


skyscrapers on the ground level usually have support pillars and thin steel with lots of glass, how could a tank not smash through that? plus there isnt any skyscrapers in kudistan.

I guess that means bulldozer mode engaged :)

PS3BURN2699d ago

Jamming a jetplane into a building just after you bailed out would also be cool, but I think that's still a no go.


considering a jet is travelling at supersonic speeds and would likely explode upon impact with the force......

PS3BURN2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

You can get some jets to fly approx 170 mph before they stall. The average landing speed of a 747 is around 160 mph and that of a F16 is around 190 mph. So that gives you plenty of time to get a good aim and if you fill'r up before takeoff a nice kaboom! to go with it. Now I don't know if a F16 will level a building but it should do some decent structural damage. Some nice vids on youtube from jets flying into buildings. Check it :)

citan2699d ago

Tanks can smash walls in BFBC2 but they can't go through. You need a lot of driving around to collapse a building. Wise choice, otherwise tanks would be unstoppable.

Winkle922699d ago

One thing I'm a little worried about is the prone. While I am glad its back, I'm worried it may be abused on these huge maps. Still, knowing how polished multiplayer is on this franchise, I'm sure they'll get it right.

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