Imminent Halo Announcement Incoming Today?

TMC: 343 Industries is teasing something Halo related, confirms that we'll find out "soon enough".

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Vherostar2648d ago

Just something to do with the remake no doubt.

kingdavid2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

Milk that cow for all its worth.

A new halo title every year with minor additions/improvements. Sounds a bit like our good friend COD no?

Come on MS, I dont mind Halo but theres other things you could dedicate your resources to....

dragonelite2648d ago

@King david

If you got a product that sells your not going to milk it dry.

See mario see killzone see uncharted soon.

kingdavid2648d ago

We only played this game 10 years ago folks!

Seriously though, if its a discounted price with upgraded visuals I will have no qualms with it (like what sony have done with their HD remakes) but I highly doubt MS will release this for less than 60 dollars. There is my biggest issue.

Cherchez La Ghost2648d ago

QUIET, TROLL!!!! Go back up the tree of deception you came from!!! LoL!!!

Anyway, When I got my first Xbox, I played thu Halo at least 4 times on normal & hard levels. Give me this and GTA San Andreas and Vice City HD so I can crack a tear of joy.

Kran2648d ago

I'm not sure if I want a remake or not.

I mean if its just on CE then fine.

I mean it would be a great way to celebrate the 10th anniversary (that and Halo 4).

I mean the thing is, why can many other games get HD remakes/upgrades (mostly PS3 games (I have the God of War collection. Enjoying it so far :D) and yet games like Halo: CE can't?

Shanks2648d ago

I mean I mean I mean I mean..

Father Murder X2648d ago

Probably a Halo: CE remake. I think that Halo 4 will be a launch window title for the next Xbox.

awiseman2648d ago

I hope, that game was awsome.

NickN4G2648d ago

I can't get excited about Halo anymore. They keep hyping it up and then when I get it, it's the very same as the previous game.

First one is still the best, didn't like any of the sequels.

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The story is too old to be commented.