Gamesblog Live: Crytek's Nathan Camarillo on Nanosuits and 3D

Crysis 2's executive producer describes creating a cutting-edge sandbox-shooter and explains what 3D brings to the party.

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Thrillhouse2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

I'm really interested in seeing what Crysis 2's "concave" 3D is like in person. Sounds like a really good, alternate way to going about 3D.

Day one.

NickN4G2768d ago

Did you know that the guy in the nanosuit is black, and he is Seal, the guy who sang Kiss from a Rose. It's true.


Assault mode and Extraction sound the most interesing game modes, Team Deathmatch bores me to tears and extraction sounds pretty sweet.

Assault mode really sounds like Spinter Cell double Agents Multiplayer which sounds really awesome.

except if the nanosuits have armour that might be unbalanced?

SJPFTW2768d ago

i agree Assault seems the most exciting