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Submitted by squallsoft 3061d ago | screenshot

Halo 3 Natively runs at 640p?

According to this post in the forums, Halo 3 natively runs at 640p. (Xbox 360)
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Fan Tastic  +   3061d ago
PGR3 proved MS was lying about their supposed Quality Control standards
and of course games that followed.

Still Halo 3 is indeed Halo 1/2 in HD which is good enough for most fans. Regardless 40 million hype campaign is working and IGN, etc have looked past the faults of the game for over-rated scores.
Violater  +   3061d ago
so many people reporting the story.
What are u guys afraid of???
the truth will set you free in all glorious 640P
If this does not get approved then I say to hell with N4G

Edit: goodbye bubbles.
Damage control: when all is said and done numbers wont change the fact that Halo is a very fun game.
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JsonHenry  +   3061d ago
Finally!!! I have been telling all you console boys out there that NONE of the games put out by either Sony or Microsoft run NATIVELY at a resolution greater than 800*600.

Too little memory, too little cache, and too little video power.

And I DON'T want to hear about the CELL being so great either. Sure, it IS capable of being a power house, but you can have the fastest CPU in the world but without enough RAM and cache on the CPU then it does not matter a bit.

The CELL in the PS3 is like having a 500 horsepower motor with only half of the gears on the transmission working.
thewhoopimen  +   3061d ago
Are you an idiot, did you read the article? there are no PS3 games that run under 720p and by the way its 1280 x 720 for 720p and probably 1100 x 640 if it is 640p. All HDTVs nowadays are widescreen 800 x 600 is a 4:3 good ol' Trinitron tuber [sic]. (which is probably what you use to game on your next gen system)
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TriggerHappy  +   3061d ago
Funny. To improve framerate you lower the resolution. There's a good scaler in that er 360. Sad thing is, that if Sony had 4 games that weren't native 720p or more - they'd be hung from the highest tree by the media.

And where's that "free AA" ? Hm...where's elitegamer when you need him...he championed this more than anything.
Mu5afir  +   3061d ago
@ Merc3nary
You mean the 10mb eDRAM that wouldn't even be enough to do a complete 4xMSAA sample? The one that most "hardware" geniuses would use as an example of a superior 360 GPU? If they did the math, they would have realized how limited that eDRAM is, and why it becomes useless at anything above 720p, or anything that uses HDR etc...
SlappyMcTaint  +   3061d ago
You don't know the inner workings of the cell and how, if used properly, takes the need for huge amounts of RAM away by using all of the different caches and spu's and bandwidth efficiently. Cell is the future of ALL computing -at least the theory of cell, the idea of massive amounts of processors all chewing up tasks a little at a time for greatly increased bandwidth and data processing.

And both PS3 and 360 have the same amount of RAM, so please bury that argument. And yes i know they both use RAM differently. It's old computing versus what we'll all be using in 5-10 years in some form or other.
EdoBMP  +   3061d ago
Are Quality Control Standards related to design resolutions?
Who is this post written by. Can measuring the pixels of the edge of a game object be an accurate measurement of the resolution as a whole. I can't see how people can just run with this guys post like it some kind of professional analysis. Thats nuts, a lot of these posters and commenters run around acting like liberals turning uncorralated and uncoraborated stories into truth. Besides what do people really want. This game has been in production for years, right. We have to assume its design was based on a standard set a while back. As long as a company does publish false information regarding HD graphics or retouch videos and screenshots, us as the consumer should be satisfied with what we preview first hand in demos and available media.
m9105826  +   3061d ago
1.2... you're an idiot. Remember that PS3 devs didn't even have access to the scalar algorithm for the PS3 until recently. They HAD to make the games run natively, or they wouldn't run in HD at all.
Dareaver1  +   3060d ago
Hmmm.... Wow, more PS3 fanboys in this post then360 fans and fanboys.... shocking!
Does it make sense for people who have no interest in this game or this console constantly come into these posts as if their opinions mattered? Why be so childish and post this nonsense. I heard from somewhere over the rainbow that such and such said this, then such and such said that, and now it's a proven fact. Until Bungie comes out and says what the native resolution of the game is, it really doesn't matter what anyone else says. Especially with no factual information to support their claim.

But why does any of this matter. I'm sorry to say, but Sony has tainted this industry. It used to be about gaming, now we have to deal with hardware claims and bs. Who cares, does the game look awesome (check), is the game fun to play (check), does the game legitimize it's purchase (check), am i going to be able to play this game for a long time (check.) Shouldn't that be all that matters to us. We are suppose to be gamers right. We should care about the games instead of which console they are on. And we should be able to appreciate what the consoles offer to help push forward our gaming experiences. This fanboy nonsense is getting very tiresome. And fanboys aren't even gamers, just pre-pubescent children with a hard-on for justifying their purchases. And screaming childishly that "mines is better than yours."

We are suppose to be enjoying these games, not trolling around the internet looking for or (in some cases) making up stories to make the other console or game look bad. Games are all about fun, how much fun is that?

Let's game on people, and help show that this industry is full of mature educated people, and also that this industry should be taken seriously.

Because all this fanboyism sure doesn't help it look positive in anyway.

I guess fanboys must not have liked what i said, that's why i'm getting disagrees with no response. Well if you are offended then, i guess you are a fanboy. And for that, i hope it's a wake up call.
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dale1  +   3061d ago
640 the lowest iv,e got is 576 then 720 then 1080p no halo for me
bym051d  +   3061d ago
The scaler will upconvert to 720p, 1080i, or 1080p (or lots of other rez).
Icecold33  +   3061d ago
Quite Amazing
It's funny how you guys are so quick to believe and or jump on the bandwagon when bad 360 news comes out. But when an issue comes out on the PS3 everybody is in denial to the point of making personal attacks against the news bearer. This cycle actually is done by both 360 and PS3 fanboys, however from my view, the PS3 boy have gotten it down to an art.

Honestly, I have never in my life seen a bunch of people like this. There is something about HALO 3 that is scaring the Hell out of the typical sony fanboy. Really though, this is the biggest collection of hate I have ever seen over a stupid video game. Your hate for halo has already surpassed any levels previously set by the halo hype that preceeded it.

Also, wasn't it sony that said ALL PS3 Games would be in 1080P. Wasn't 1080p one of their biggest selling points along with Blu-ray? Can someone name 1 PS3 launch title that actually achieve the 1080p plateau. Seriously though.

The argument being made about High Def and all this other bullsh!t; now that is something that is overhyped and overrated. An excellent game DOES NOT NEED TO BE AT 1080p. Can someone say ZELDA!

The copies of Motorstorm and RFOM that were bought for me, are of no use to me, because my TV downstairs doesn't support 720p and I can't get them to work in 480 and definitely not 1080i PS3 just locks up. If I move my PS3 to the bedroom, I can play them there because that TV supports all resolutions. But, my girl is having no part in having the PS3 in the bedroom. And I don't really blame her.

But getting back to my point. You guys, have so much abhorrence for one another that it's actually sadning. Very disturbing! Very Disturbing
SlippyMadFrog  +   3061d ago
@ Icecold
bubbles for you. I always enjoy reading your posts, we can certainly use more N4G members like you.
bym051d  +   3061d ago
I believe Ridge Racer 7 was a launch title in 1080p.
clownfacemcgee  +   3061d ago
I know you're lying, because I own Motorstorm and RFOM and both run just fine at 480i. My friend also owns Motorstorm and RFOM and just about every other PS3 game, and they all run just fine on his super small 480i tv. My other friend who has a PS3 has only a couple PS3 games, but I think he has RFOM and it runs just fine on his 720p tv at either 720p or 1080i. I don't know anyone who has a 1080p.
artman  +   3060d ago
ice ice ice,
I believe nobody is afraid of halo, for me personally... I don't enjoy FPS games, so it's too over hyped for a game. I believe it's a fun game for networking game with friends. I gonna jump in the play with my friends (even it's not my game)

And not all people here have HDTV my friend, I don't even own the latest TV in my house yet. I'm waiting for LED tv.
I play my ps3 on SDTV, even sometimes I play it on my 20 years old 29" Toshiba TV. and I don't have any problem with resolutions.

I know you want to convince people about 360, it's a good hardware but not in quality (I had one, and it's useless since red light)
even my xbox now got red light too.

just enjoy the ride.
we all will play and move forward, choose what you like, no need to be biased with the one you can't afford nor faithless brand.
achira  +   3061d ago
lol, this powns all hyped halo freaks, who spoke about 1080p. lol, idiots. 640p, lol, lol, lol, such a small resolution does the ps3 even not support.
Wii60_FTW  +   3061d ago
cuz most ps3 games run at 480p on most hdtvs.
rubarb23  +   3061d ago
bym051d  +   3061d ago
No, the PS3 runs on 480p if the game only supports 720p and you have an older HDTV that doesn't allow 720p input (like mine :( ).

E: What's to disagree? It's a minority of TVs that have a problem. I'm in that minority.
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-_-_-_-_-_-_-  +   3061d ago

what do you mean?
MikeGdaGod  +   3061d ago
@ Wii60_FTW.....
WTF are you talkin about.

NONE, i repeat, NONE of the game i have run at that resolution.

this is a classic example of fanboys saying ANYHTING to try to down another system. dude, you have no idea what you're talking about
SlappyMcTaint  +   3061d ago
"cuz most ps3 games run at 480p on most hdtvs."

UUH, NOO! Switch your cables, genius.

HD resolutions require either Component or HDMI cables. The only other reason your supposed PS3 games are running in 480p is because your HDTV is out of date and doesn't support 720p.

Wii360 Pwned FTW!!!
bym051d  +   3061d ago
480p requires Component or HDMI also. Composite and S-Video maxout at 480i.
bym051d  +   3061d ago
As much as I hate my PS3 not having a scaler, I wonder if it's better than companies abusing the scaler in the 360 by not making games at least 720p.

To the article naysayers, Beyond3d is a very well regarded forums for 3D game developers.
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WafflesID  +   3061d ago
PS3 does have a scaler. Right around the time MS announced their secret weapon unlocked the scaler with a firmware upgrade.


Thanks for the clarification. Never read up on HANA.

I could have sworn I saw picture of the ANA scaler chip on the motherboard.

And the more I read, the more I think sony was FOS too, and their scaler isn't a hardware scaler either.
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AuburnTiger  +   3061d ago
"The only other major change under the bonnet is the new HANA video display chip, replacing the old ANA version in the classic 360. This chip has erroneously been described as the silicon that deals with the 360's inbuilt hardware scaling. In truth, Microsoft has now confirmed to us that it's merely a video output chip - a means of transferring the framebuffer into all of the different signals: composite, s-video, RGB SCART, component, VGA and - the key addition with HANA - HDMI. Scaling itself is actually performed by the Xenos GPU (most likely using a variation of Lanczos resizing)"

you can't make this stuff up
sonarus  +   3061d ago
honestly halo 3 in particular is an over rated game. They did nothing revolutionary and the game is rather underwhelming. I can't wait for everyone to fall back to their senses. Am not saying its not a good game but it definetly isnt worth a 10 or a 9.5 or whatever. Reviewers must be rating on something completely different for halo 3 because i know if the exact same game came out but without the name halo on it, it would easily get an 8. I believe scores of 10 should be reserved for games that push the limits of a console. Halo gets away with frame rate issues and sub par graphics. The graphics are clearly better than halo 2 but comparing xbox 360 graphics with xbox graphics in the 1st place should be an insult.
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Antan  +   3061d ago
"Halo 3 Natively runs at 640p"

Well it aint rocket science! PGR3 ran at nigh on the same rez, and has been well documented.
jiggyjay  +   3061d ago
You have to think that the source site is not at all bias?? Yeah right!! That's like saying sony actually cares about gaming on the PS3!
BigFART  +   3061d ago
Don't you mean
Thats like M$ saying they care about the reliability of the 360 to its consumers???
EdoBMP  +   3061d ago
Tired of the M$ tag? I need an explination, please!
At first I thought it was blow to how much the XBOX costs but that can't be it because it is closely priced with the PS3 if you consider the HDDVD addon. Then maybe they think MS is ripping us off and taking all our $money, but as far as its been reported the profits on the xbox units are not very high per unit and there was always talk that MS was losing money on every unit they sold the the original xbox, so that didn't really make sense either. Despite hardware failures and what not, people are getting there units replaced or repaired, far more quickly than other products I've owned. Then I figured it out they must be jabbing at MS as a whole. The gigantic corporation headed by one of the richest men in the world. MS must be evil and greedy and only concerned about money. If this is truly the case as to why hundreds of the MS hater love to use the "M$" phrase it is truly misguided. First lets talk about Bill Gates, if not an example of an American success, he is one of the most charitable billionaires around, and if your not aware of that you must be living in a cave in pakistan. The company itself is poorly misunderstood, take a walk through their campus in Washington and I bet you would change your mind. MS gets a lot of flack from the liberal media and in my opinion an unfair shake from the Europian Union, gravely misunderstanding the aim of its OS. Please I would love for someone to tell me all about this "M$" "B$"
BigFART  +   3061d ago
...You're thinking too hard on this one. To me it represents exactly what it looks like (money, money, money). Microsoft is LOADED with it. I personally have never used it as a slam to Microsoft, or saying that their a giant evil money sucking corporation (in the end all of them are about the benjamins). I just cant believe they are getting by the massively defective 360 without a backlash from its core consumers. The warranty is only a bandage, its not a fix. I know, I know, falcon this, falcon that...I'll stick with what I know will last a long, long time.
CaliGamer  +   3061d ago
@ EdoBMP @7.2
"First lets talk about Bill Gates, if not an example of an American success, he is one of the most charitable billionaires around, and if your not aware of that you must be living in a cave in pakistan. The company itself is poorly misunderstood, take a walk through their campus in Washington and I bet you would change your mind. MS gets a lot of flack from the liberal media and in my opinion an unfair shake from the Europian Union, gravely misunderstanding the aim of its OS. Please I would love for someone to tell me all about this "M$" "B$"

This statement shows your ignorance of Microsoft as a corporation. Bill Gates is generous but you have to look at the effects of tax write offs when you are as rich as he is. He has also invested in AIDS drug research, but he also is in the business of enforcing patents at the expense of the health of people around the world, especially in the developing world. I have no time to school you on the facts so you can look at the book (The Best Democracy Money Can Buy by Greg Palast for more information on page 189-191)
The Point is MS and Bill Gates are not being targeted, they are inherently immoral as by law their only motivation has to be profit. Its funny how conservatives always use blanket statements when they don't agree with something, labeling it "the liberal media". Get your head out your A$$ man, get your facts straight and for god sakes read. Sony, MS, Nintendo are all corporations, end of story.
thewhoopimen  +   3060d ago
@7.5 Cali Gamer
Cali Gamer you are the one that needs major rethinking on your crap. In fact I would totally think you were either completely ignorant or MS PR spinner. Do you know when Bill Gates announced his "contribution" of billions to the then "newly" formed Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation? Yeah, you bet your ass during the US vs. Microsoft Trials. Of course, he's a generous giver... He just blackmailed the PC industry out of Billions and brought down Netscape! Where the hell do you read your news? Oh right the conservative media, where anything not-pro American big business is censored out. I am not saying he was the unscrupulous business man that he was back when, in fact I could even conjecture it is a result of his Asperger's Syndrome (do you even know he has it?)

But in anycase, he was a friend of Steve Jobs (Apple Founder) / partner during the Silicon Valley eras of the 1970s-1980s and borrowed a Mac Plus to copy and re-engineer the OS to Windows, because Apple refused to license the OS to IBM. What type of friend just does that?
dantesparda  +   3060d ago
@ EdoBMP & CaliGamer
Can both of you's shut the fvck up about "liberals" and the "liberal media". The media is not liberal, its just that anything left of Fox News is considered "liberal" by you right-wing conservative bastards! If the media was so liberal than why do most liberals hate the media too and consider it to be right-wing/conservative? And EDo, learn to speak English, that sh!t you wrote was hardly even illegible. And CaliGamer, you look like a straight up f@g in that picture.

And i dont think most of these games are being render at 1280 by 720 internally, but rather being upconverted/upscaled (an yes even on the PS3, and yes it can be done witout a scaler)
spammy_nooo  +   3061d ago
That is pretty sad when you think about it. The biggest game EVER(arguably) cant even run at 720p, which is their main competitors(ps3) LOWEST ALLOWED resolution. tsk tsk, Microsoft/Bungie.
-_-_-_-_-_-_-  +   3061d ago
Yeah, cheap MS tricks.

(just having fun, nothing serious or personal, don't rip my heart out boys.)
GaMr-  +   3061d ago
640P HUH
They really weren't kidding when they said they don't need 1080P for gaming. Hell appearently they don't even believe in 720P anymore either....

LMFAO @ MICROSOFT... I love you guys. Its amazing how you have your loyals convinced. And they will defend this too and fight it all the way to the bank.

Still a little up tight. How Heavenly Sword was Butchered, Lair was butcchered.....

HALO3, Complaints of low res graphics,frame rate issues, Short campaign, Boring gameplay and now this. Yet receives perfect 10's across the board. It seems that PS3 games are rated on a "Next-Gen" scale and Xbox360 games are rated with the last Gen Scale. Thats the only logically explanation.
Violater  +   3061d ago
what he said
I'm glad that this little known fact has not gone completely unnoticed.
MikeGdaGod  +   3061d ago
@ GaMr......
true sh!t
Meus Renaissance  +   3061d ago
Approved, as it should be. And I don't appreciate how certain individuals make multiple reports on a story to kill it. E.g. "Lame" then "Spam" then "Fake" then "Other".
BenzMoney  +   3061d ago
Care to explain why it should've been approved? Seems to me it violates the posting guidelines. Too bad idiots have hijacked this (once good) site.

"Random dude posts in some random forum - should this be posted on N4G? Yes/No?" Correct answer - no.

Anyone who approves or posts articles/news/etc that breaks the guidelines, especially repeatedly, should have their contributor status taken away. Idiots have broken this site by ignoring the rules (whether it is modifying headlines to get hits or otherwise) - and others, like yourself, seem to be okay with it.
Meus Renaissance  +   3061d ago
Do I look like an idiot to you?
That particular rule is in regards to another rule that no personal opinions, such as random/general posts on a forum, can be approved as news. Halo running at 640p is not an opinion but a fact as it is shown here.

How many times have articles been posted that were from Neogaf forums - not because someone had a comment to make, but that proof such as a screenshot, was provided to elevate the perception of opinion to FACT.

To interpret this rule, you have to consider the context of such forum posts. If someone posts "Halo sucks", that is not news but a random opinion. If someone posts "Bungie close down" on a forum and proves it by providing an official statement with a link, then it gets approved by N4G because its factual news regardless if its posted on a forum or drawn in the sand.

Do you now understand the rules or shall I go on?
#10.2 (Edited 3061d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
BenzMoney  +   3061d ago
Not... usually...
...but sometimes I'm not so sure.

"That particular rule is in regards to another rule that no personal opinions can be approved as news. Just because the source is a post does not mean it's an opinion - Halo running at 640p is not an opinion but a fact."

- If it is a fact, I would like to see an official source documenting it as fact. When this is found, it can be posted as news with the link pointing directly to the OFFICIAL SOURCE, as per the guidelines.

"How many times have articles been posted that were from Neogaf - that had proof such as screenshot to elevate the perception of opinion to FACT."

- Doesn't make it right. Like I said, just because some idiots don't follow the rules doesn't mean they shouldn't be followed at all. In addition, the guidelines make it abundantly clear that forum posts by "important persons" are legitimate sources for posts on N4G. Random posts, however, are not. This is a random post from some random guy.

"To interpret it, you have to consider the context of such forum posts. If someone posts 'Halo sucks', that is not news. If someone posts 'Bungie close down' on a forum and proves it by providing an official statement with a link, then it gets approved by N4G because its factual news."

- No, that would not be the case. In such a case the contributor submitting the story should post a link to the supposed "official statement" and use that as the basis for the story. (Always use the original source for the story) - the forum post should be given as credit as a reference. The forum post is not news - the news is the news, and news comes from a credible source.

"Do you now understand the rules or shall I go on?"

- I think I understand them quite clearly. Can't say the same about you though, you appear to read what you want to read.
Meus Renaissance  +   3061d ago
You are missing the point and becoming philisophical
You can contact the Admins and Moderators for clarification on this rule. That rule is specifically relating to random posts on forums, usually as they're rumours and speculation started by the person who breaks that rumour. The N4G staff decided to dismiss such things from the site because it is not gaming "news".

Although this story is based on a forum post, what differentiates it from the type of forum posts the Admins are against - the ones that hold no evidence - is that this indeed has a form of credible evidence.

What your saying, pardon me if I'm misunderstanding, is that regardless of what is said on a forum, factual or not, with evidence or not, it should not be approved as a story on N4G? I disagree.

The context of this particular story is unique however. A month ago on the Bioshock demo, in one of the data files, someone find text to imply there was a PS3 version of the game. If I remember correctly, I came across this story on a forum. And before I looked away I noticed the poster had evidence to support this, and although at the end it was found to be a mistake from the developers point of view, it is things of this nature that are still news worthy if there is credible evidence and this such an example IMO.

If you disagree, then so be it but I have explained my reasons for all.
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BenzMoney  +   3061d ago
I'd more than gladly wipe the floor with you in a 2v2 match on Halo 3 to settle it once and for all.

Oh, and by the way, that "Media Hate on the PS3: Why?" article of yours - broken rules - what's with the altering of the story title? Do you deny that this isn't against N4G guidelines? What you essentially did was write a blog post and post it as news in that story (via your first comment). Are you not aware that there is a blog section of this site?

Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with the article itself, but damn - at least post it properly...
#10.5 (Edited 3061d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
-_-_-_-_-_-_-  +   3061d ago
I'm sorry to interrupt your discussion but IMHO N4G just gets more fun, bigger and better. Whatever it is that this community does, it works. Even if it means breaking some rules sometimes (both sides of the front).

Having a news site with only strictly official news from MS and SONY would be a bit boring and we already have that.
Meus Renaissance  +   3061d ago
I'd love to PWN you but I don't have my 360 with me currently. But whenever you get killed on Halo 3, remember papa Meus and you might be able to hear..the slight..echo..of my laughter..

BUKKAKALYPSE  +   3061d ago
wow meus thats gotta be the biggest b!tch out ive ever seen! just play the kid or stfu

haha "i'd love to pwn you but.." haha

you win Benz
Armyless  +   3061d ago
"you win Benz"??
Uh, no he doesn't
Odion  +   3061d ago
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   3061d ago
who cares?
you and a million others.

ukilnme  +   3061d ago
As expected.
It looks like the Halo haters care about it more than the Halo fans.
Vip3r  +   3061d ago
"hey WHO CARES?"

What a fanboyish thing to say. If it was a PS3 game that played at 640p we wouldn't hear the end of it but because it's halo it's somehow ok. I'd like to know why this is at the resolution.
WafflesID  +   3061d ago
I repeat...

Resident evil 4, super paper mario, zelda twilight princess, metroid prime 3, all awesome games....and the Wii doesn't even do 640p.

THERE is the answer I was looking for. THE FANBOYS. That's who cares (and I've stated this in another post in this thread).

And also the people who are interested in the technical aspects of this. ie programmers. That's the original intent of the thread where this post came from. And yet it gets turned into fanboy ammo here.
#11.4 (Edited 3061d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
-_-_-_-_-_-_-  +   3061d ago
Like you don't know who cares! Haha!

Sonians care about this just as Xboxians care about Lair being a bad game.
darx  +   3061d ago
rainbow check...
problem is HALO 3 is not a bad game.
calderra  +   3061d ago
Who here has actually seen screens from the game, and would have known if they hadn't been told? Resolution doesn't matter nearly as much as smart use of resources. A game at 420p could look infinitely better than a game that squandered all of the systems' power on 1080p and isn't doing anything else.

Also nevermind all the perfect 10s in the reviews, the millions of people online playing this game right now who are all having a blast- the game runs in 640p so that's all that matters.
WafflesID  +   3061d ago
Millions? Last night there were only 500,000+

Let's not overstate the facts to make a point now.
Bleyd  +   3061d ago
Did you consider...
that maybe people WERE noticing? Everywhere I've been hearing that Halo 3 isn't all that great in the graphics department and that if you want to see something truly brilliant with graphics then look no further than Gears of War. Maybe this is just proof of what people have been subjectively noticing these past couple of days.
EdoBMP  +   3061d ago
Millions is probably right
I got on last night and the statistics read about .5 million on at that moment. It was a lot less the night before, I figure people still playing through the campaign. Consider all the people that pop in and out throughout the night, millions is not over estimating. Ah, just checked bungies online statistics, it says about 1.5 million players on in the last 24 hrs.
TeaDouble_E  +   3061d ago
Can T.V. run on 640p ?
Is there any T.V. in the market right now that has this feature ?
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risk  +   3061d ago
it up converts it. like a ratio.

so lets see.. 640:720 = 1::1.125 scale.
the total resolution would be... 1280*0.875= 1120

1120x640 upscales to 1280x720 perfectly at 1.125% scaling. but this is at a cost, it causes the image to have jaggies. look @ the attached image. it is comparing 100% zoom to 112.5% zoom picture. you will see the difference it causes. but this is offset by 2x anti-aliasing. but in the real world 2x anti-aliasing is NEVER used because theres hardly any difference noticed(always 4x or 6x MSAA)

goddamnit it resized the comparison.

here uploaded to imageshack



ofcourse this image was bigger then 720p to start with so i couldnt get the proper upscaling scaled. but this gives a good look at what upscaling does.

@below well my example is really bad, but its just an example look at master cheifs chest, the 3 things on his right side it has worst quality then you would see from the first picture. if you want to see a real comparison you would need to get an ingame image. sadly i just did this to the first image i saw...rendered or not.

Related image(s)
#13.1 (Edited 3061d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
wallace1000  +   3061d ago
Does the upscaled image not look better than the original or is it just me? Plus upscaling quality all depends on how good the tv, box, etc is at upscaling. That is why people buy upscaling dvd players because in general the player will do a better job than your HDTV.

On a side note, you know some of the fanboys complaining/gloating about the 640p don't even have HDTVs, so what does it matter? If the game looks good then who cares about the minute. It gets upscaled and looks excellent. As far as i know it looks better than other games that are native 720p. Enough said.
#13.2 (Edited 3061d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Vojkan  +   3061d ago
Buh buh teh teh red rings etc.

Who cares!? as long as Halo users/gamers like it it is fine by me.
Lumbo  +   3061d ago
Doesn't make it a less good game imho. People should quit the whining and give kudos to Bungie instead for making a good game, again. Sure, my focus is on other games then shooters, but to each one his own.

Still all the nitpicking "news" together with the praising blabber take up way to much space on n4g imho and i will like it better when the marketing train and fanboy biatchfights are gone in e few weeks.
Salvadore  +   3061d ago
finally a sensible person
How does this prevent the game from being good?
WilliamRLBaker  +   3061d ago
lol we dont have to say any thing but this
196M dollars in 24 hours:)
Violater  +   3061d ago
got your check in the mail yet?
didn't think so
kn  +   3061d ago
All the hate
isn't going to change the following:... it has sold a bunch of copies and will sell a bunch more. It has moved some hardware. Halo 3 is now yesterday's news. Onward to bigger and better things... Mass Effect, PGR4, Lost Odyssey... and so on. You bashers need to find something else to do as this is getting old...

BTW, I've only got standard def so I couldn't care less...
Wii60_FTW  +   3061d ago
guess this explains the jaggiez! how ga.y

no matter. still the best game ever made.
m9105826  +   3061d ago
One of the most ignorant statements ever made. Halo is in NO WAY, as in NO F'ING WAY IN ALL OF HOLY HELL, the best game ever made. Is it good? Yes. Is it great? Perhaps, depending on who you are. Is is the BEST GAME EVER MADE? No. God no. That's like saying Hendrix was the greatest guitarist of all time. He was good, but if he hadn't died in such a rockstar-esqe manner, I doubt many people would remember him today. Same with Halo. Halo - hype machine = Good FPS or Great Console FPS.
willymcd  +   3061d ago
why do you guys think this game is supposed to be revolutionary?
If it was to be a revolutionary game then it couldn't be halo, it would have to be something totally new!
celticlonewolf  +   3061d ago
I dont think I have ever seen so much hate about a game before lol. What does it matter what the resolution of the game is and if its upscaled or what ever. You look at all the reviews on this web site about halo 3 from the worst 8out of 10(which still isn't bad) to the 10 out of 10 that its been getting and you will find only one thing that links all the reviews. Is it the less than amazing graphics, is it the great sound no its non of these the one thing that nearly all the reviews agree on is that halo 3 is a fun game and if you like these types of games or any of the halos before you will love this game. I think alot of people get to caught up in all the specs that come with the game and forget the main thing and that is is the game fun. It doesn't matter at what resolution a game runs all that matters is if you have fun with it and is it worth the money and nearly every single review about this game says it is. Will I be picking up this game, no I wont I have never liked the halo games but I know plenty of people who do and they all say the same they are having a blast with it and thats what gameing is all about fun. Good gaming
Violater  +   3061d ago
Halo 3 Hype > Hate
ben806  +   3061d ago
why the hell is anybody taking a random forum post as fact?
this has not come as a comment from the industry, all i can see is some guy who owns a hd tv and thinks he knows what hes talking about.
m9105826  +   3061d ago
Because it's from Beyond3D and they know their sh*t for the most part.
Bimmer3  +   3061d ago
OK, hold on
So if Madden, a fun game, runs at 30 FPS on the PS3 it's somehow bad? But if Halo runs at 640P it's no big deal cause it's a fun game? I don't really care about resolution or framerate as long as I'm having fun, but let's cut the double standard.
ukilnme  +   3061d ago
Come on now. You should already know that double standards run rampant on N4G. This will surely not be the last case of it.
367 To Your Ass  +   3061d ago
It's a new game so it's going to run at 1080p
all of the games from mid 2k6 to now have ben running at 1080p.

Related image(s)
WafflesID  +   3061d ago
That just proves the internal scaler is working. Taking a 640p image and upscaling it to 1080p.


IT DOESN'T MATTER. The only ones who care are the PS3 fanboys who need ammunition to defend their console.

People who own all the consoles could care less.

The ONLY time this kind of crap should matter is for cross platform games.

If a game runs at 1080p on the PS3 and only 720p on the 360 and yet maintains the same exact frame rate (or vice versa), then I want to know so I know which copy to buy. Thats the ONLY time this kind of stuff should matter.
Zebak  +   3061d ago
Which one you choose...
640p on Xbox vs 0p on PS3.... - I take the Xbox :-)

More seriously, the graphics and the size of the landscape is unbelievable... Just try it instead of bashing
m9105826  +   3061d ago
That doesn't even make sense... and you have to remember graphics aren't everything. And if you really want to talk about draw distances, look at Heavenly Sword, Crysis, and Lair.
Solotov  +   3061d ago
Oh darn...a loss of a grand total of 80p. Noone cares.
Oh darn...a loss of a grand total of 80p. Noone cares. It still has some great graphics. Could they be better? Yea. But it doesn't change the fact that Halo 3 just took a dump on the PS3 for a long while.
#25 (Edited 3061d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
SnakeCL  +   3061d ago
Reference purposes...
For reference, the resolution that Halo 3 renders at is actually less than the typical 1024 x 768 PC resolution back in the 90's.
risk  +   3061d ago
wtf is 80p?? ive never heard of this bull you talk about.

720p = 1280x720 = 921600 pixels
640p = 1120x640 = 716800 pixels
----------------------------- ---
-204800 pixels.

thats not 80p, w/e that is.

edit: lol a disagree for simple math. GENIUS!
#25.2 (Edited 3061d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
MRMagoo123  +   3061d ago
that would explain why halo looks so crap the only thing thats different from 2 is that its got shiny bits wow
Odion  +   3061d ago
or how about this

I'll take Halo 3 with this 640 w/e over Heavenly sword and its 1080i, and 10 gigs worth of sounds. Cause atleast when i play Halo 3, I get to enjoy the game for more then 5 hours
mighty_douche  +   3061d ago
"oh sh1t theres a bad fact about halo... ummm.....ummm.... yea ummm heavenly sword....ummmm....warhawk....& quot;
#26.1 (Edited 3061d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
heavyarms  +   3061d ago
People love to hate!!!
The game plays great. Yeah its not Jaw dropping with the graphics but its FREAKING KICKING YOUR ARSE AND YO MOMMAS. Just JUMP IN and see for yourself. This is one of the best games ever period.
mighty_douche  +   3061d ago
oh how the mighty have fallen... this game is good but if compaired to the hype its laughable, xbox's number one title in 640p.

and xbox fanboys bashed sony for once saying 60fps @ 1080p, lol, ok so sony didnt manage it straight away but its coming with games like gran turismo, xbox seems to be going backwards here.
celticlonewolf  +   3061d ago
Your argument is flawed because if there was 2 versions of halo and one ran at 640p and the other and 1080p would you say that the version running at 1080p would be better? I agree though that there is alot of double standards on this site but the argument you gave just doesnt hold water for this topic. Good gaming
367 To Your Ass  +   3061d ago
i think it looks nothing like 640p

Related image(s)
Tsalagi  +   3061d ago
Does your 360 have an Apple logo on the side of it?
mighty_douche  +   3061d ago
dude, thats a 22inch monitor, i have the same one!

maximum res 1640x1080 i think. 1080p = 1920x1080 so im not sure how you managed that!
WafflesID  +   3061d ago
And the actual game looks nothing like that screen shot (as far as the resolution is concerned).

I have my elite set to 1080p (on a 1080p LCD duh) and the game itself doesn't even come close to that screen shot.
risk  +   3061d ago
Samsung 226BW
* Retail
* 19", 20" and 22" widescreens
* 16:10 aspect ratio
* High native resolutions
* Piano black bezel
* MagicSpeed™ ultra-fast 2 ms (G to G) response time
* 160˚/160˚ horizontal/vertical viewing angles
* Exclusive Magic technologies

16:10 = 1680x1080 xbox is upscaling the resolution on your monitor. its not native 720p or 1080p.
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