Halo 3 Natively runs at 640p?

According to this post in the forums, Halo 3 natively runs at 640p.

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Fan Tastic4095d ago

and of course games that followed.

Still Halo 3 is indeed Halo 1/2 in HD which is good enough for most fans. Regardless 40 million hype campaign is working and IGN, etc have looked past the faults of the game for over-rated scores.

Violater4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

so many people reporting the story.
What are u guys afraid of???
the truth will set you free in all glorious 640P
If this does not get approved then I say to hell with N4G

Edit: goodbye bubbles.
Damage control: when all is said and done numbers wont change the fact that Halo is a very fun game.

JsonHenry4095d ago

Finally!!! I have been telling all you console boys out there that NONE of the games put out by either Sony or Microsoft run NATIVELY at a resolution greater than 800*600.

Too little memory, too little cache, and too little video power.

And I DON'T want to hear about the CELL being so great either. Sure, it IS capable of being a power house, but you can have the fastest CPU in the world but without enough RAM and cache on the CPU then it does not matter a bit.

The CELL in the PS3 is like having a 500 horsepower motor with only half of the gears on the transmission working.

thewhoopimen4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

Are you an idiot, did you read the article? there are no PS3 games that run under 720p and by the way its 1280 x 720 for 720p and probably 1100 x 640 if it is 640p. All HDTVs nowadays are widescreen 800 x 600 is a 4:3 good ol' Trinitron tuber [sic]. (which is probably what you use to game on your next gen system)

TriggerHappy4095d ago

Funny. To improve framerate you lower the resolution. There's a good scaler in that er 360. Sad thing is, that if Sony had 4 games that weren't native 720p or more - they'd be hung from the highest tree by the media.

And where's that "free AA" ? Hm...where's elitegamer when you need him...he championed this more than anything.

Mu5afir4095d ago

You mean the 10mb eDRAM that wouldn't even be enough to do a complete 4xMSAA sample? The one that most "hardware" geniuses would use as an example of a superior 360 GPU? If they did the math, they would have realized how limited that eDRAM is, and why it becomes useless at anything above 720p, or anything that uses HDR etc...

SlappyMcTaint4095d ago

You don't know the inner workings of the cell and how, if used properly, takes the need for huge amounts of RAM away by using all of the different caches and spu's and bandwidth efficiently. Cell is the future of ALL computing -at least the theory of cell, the idea of massive amounts of processors all chewing up tasks a little at a time for greatly increased bandwidth and data processing.

And both PS3 and 360 have the same amount of RAM, so please bury that argument. And yes i know they both use RAM differently. It's old computing versus what we'll all be using in 5-10 years in some form or other.

EdoBMP4095d ago

Who is this post written by. Can measuring the pixels of the edge of a game object be an accurate measurement of the resolution as a whole. I can't see how people can just run with this guys post like it some kind of professional analysis. Thats nuts, a lot of these posters and commenters run around acting like liberals turning uncorralated and uncoraborated stories into truth. Besides what do people really want. This game has been in production for years, right. We have to assume its design was based on a standard set a while back. As long as a company does publish false information regarding HD graphics or retouch videos and screenshots, us as the consumer should be satisfied with what we preview first hand in demos and available media.

m91058264095d ago

1.2... you're an idiot. Remember that PS3 devs didn't even have access to the scalar algorithm for the PS3 until recently. They HAD to make the games run natively, or they wouldn't run in HD at all.

Dareaver14095d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

Does it make sense for people who have no interest in this game or this console constantly come into these posts as if their opinions mattered? Why be so childish and post this nonsense. I heard from somewhere over the rainbow that such and such said this, then such and such said that, and now it's a proven fact. Until Bungie comes out and says what the native resolution of the game is, it really doesn't matter what anyone else says. Especially with no factual information to support their claim.

But why does any of this matter. I'm sorry to say, but Sony has tainted this industry. It used to be about gaming, now we have to deal with hardware claims and bs. Who cares, does the game look awesome (check), is the game fun to play (check), does the game legitimize it's purchase (check), am i going to be able to play this game for a long time (check.) Shouldn't that be all that matters to us. We are suppose to be gamers right. We should care about the games instead of which console they are on. And we should be able to appreciate what the consoles offer to help push forward our gaming experiences. This fanboy nonsense is getting very tiresome. And fanboys aren't even gamers, just pre-pubescent children with a hard-on for justifying their purchases. And screaming childishly that "mines is better than yours."

We are suppose to be enjoying these games, not trolling around the internet looking for or (in some cases) making up stories to make the other console or game look bad. Games are all about fun, how much fun is that?

Let's game on people, and help show that this industry is full of mature educated people, and also that this industry should be taken seriously.

Because all this fanboyism sure doesn't help it look positive in anyway.

I guess fanboys must not have liked what i said, that's why i'm getting disagrees with no response. Well if you are offended then, i guess you are a fanboy. And for that, i hope it's a wake up call.

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dale14095d ago

640 the lowest iv,e got is 576 then 720 then 1080p no halo for me

bym051d4095d ago

The scaler will upconvert to 720p, 1080i, or 1080p (or lots of other rez).

Icecold334095d ago

It's funny how you guys are so quick to believe and or jump on the bandwagon when bad 360 news comes out. But when an issue comes out on the PS3 everybody is in denial to the point of making personal attacks against the news bearer. This cycle actually is done by both 360 and PS3 fanboys, however from my view, the PS3 boy have gotten it down to an art.

Honestly, I have never in my life seen a bunch of people like this. There is something about HALO 3 that is scaring the Hell out of the typical sony fanboy. Really though, this is the biggest collection of hate I have ever seen over a stupid video game. Your hate for halo has already surpassed any levels previously set by the halo hype that preceeded it.

Also, wasn't it sony that said ALL PS3 Games would be in 1080P. Wasn't 1080p one of their biggest selling points along with Blu-ray? Can someone name 1 PS3 launch title that actually achieve the 1080p plateau. Seriously though.

The argument being made about High Def and all this other bullsh!t; now that is something that is overhyped and overrated. An excellent game DOES NOT NEED TO BE AT 1080p. Can someone say ZELDA!

The copies of Motorstorm and RFOM that were bought for me, are of no use to me, because my TV downstairs doesn't support 720p and I can't get them to work in 480 and definitely not 1080i PS3 just locks up. If I move my PS3 to the bedroom, I can play them there because that TV supports all resolutions. But, my girl is having no part in having the PS3 in the bedroom. And I don't really blame her.

But getting back to my point. You guys, have so much abhorrence for one another that it's actually sadning. Very disturbing! Very Disturbing

SlippyMadFrog4095d ago

bubbles for you. I always enjoy reading your posts, we can certainly use more N4G members like you.

bym051d4095d ago

I believe Ridge Racer 7 was a launch title in 1080p.

clownfacemcgee4095d ago

I know you're lying, because I own Motorstorm and RFOM and both run just fine at 480i. My friend also owns Motorstorm and RFOM and just about every other PS3 game, and they all run just fine on his super small 480i tv. My other friend who has a PS3 has only a couple PS3 games, but I think he has RFOM and it runs just fine on his 720p tv at either 720p or 1080i. I don't know anyone who has a 1080p.

artman4094d ago

ice ice ice,
I believe nobody is afraid of halo, for me personally... I don't enjoy FPS games, so it's too over hyped for a game. I believe it's a fun game for networking game with friends. I gonna jump in the play with my friends (even it's not my game)

And not all people here have HDTV my friend, I don't even own the latest TV in my house yet. I'm waiting for LED tv.
I play my ps3 on SDTV, even sometimes I play it on my 20 years old 29" Toshiba TV. and I don't have any problem with resolutions.

I know you want to convince people about 360, it's a good hardware but not in quality (I had one, and it's useless since red light)
even my xbox now got red light too.

just enjoy the ride.
we all will play and move forward, choose what you like, no need to be biased with the one you can't afford nor faithless brand.

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achira4095d ago

lol, this powns all hyped halo freaks, who spoke about 1080p. lol, idiots. 640p, lol, lol, lol, such a small resolution does the ps3 even not support.

Wii60_FTW4095d ago

cuz most ps3 games run at 480p on most hdtvs.

bym051d4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

No, the PS3 runs on 480p if the game only supports 720p and you have an older HDTV that doesn't allow 720p input (like mine :( ).

E: What's to disagree? It's a minority of TVs that have a problem. I'm in that minority.

4095d ago
MikeGdaGod4095d ago

WTF are you talkin about.

NONE, i repeat, NONE of the game i have run at that resolution.

this is a classic example of fanboys saying ANYHTING to try to down another system. dude, you have no idea what you're talking about

SlappyMcTaint4095d ago

"cuz most ps3 games run at 480p on most hdtvs."

UUH, NOO! Switch your cables, genius.

HD resolutions require either Component or HDMI cables. The only other reason your supposed PS3 games are running in 480p is because your HDTV is out of date and doesn't support 720p.

Wii360 Pwned FTW!!!

bym051d4095d ago

480p requires Component or HDMI also. Composite and S-Video maxout at 480i.

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bym051d4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

As much as I hate my PS3 not having a scaler, I wonder if it's better than companies abusing the scaler in the 360 by not making games at least 720p.

To the article naysayers, Beyond3d is a very well regarded forums for 3D game developers.

WafflesID4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

PS3 does have a scaler. Right around the time MS announced their secret weapon unlocked the scaler with a firmware upgrade.


Thanks for the clarification. Never read up on HANA.

I could have sworn I saw picture of the ANA scaler chip on the motherboard.

And the more I read, the more I think sony was FOS too, and their scaler isn't a hardware scaler either.

AuburnTiger4095d ago

"The only other major change under the bonnet is the new HANA video display chip, replacing the old ANA version in the classic 360. This chip has erroneously been described as the silicon that deals with the 360's inbuilt hardware scaling. In truth, Microsoft has now confirmed to us that it's merely a video output chip - a means of transferring the framebuffer into all of the different signals: composite, s-video, RGB SCART, component, VGA and - the key addition with HANA - HDMI. Scaling itself is actually performed by the Xenos GPU (most likely using a variation of Lanczos resizing)"

you can't make this stuff up

sonarus4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

honestly halo 3 in particular is an over rated game. They did nothing revolutionary and the game is rather underwhelming. I can't wait for everyone to fall back to their senses. Am not saying its not a good game but it definetly isnt worth a 10 or a 9.5 or whatever. Reviewers must be rating on something completely different for halo 3 because i know if the exact same game came out but without the name halo on it, it would easily get an 8. I believe scores of 10 should be reserved for games that push the limits of a console. Halo gets away with frame rate issues and sub par graphics. The graphics are clearly better than halo 2 but comparing xbox 360 graphics with xbox graphics in the 1st place should be an insult.