Konami Asleep at the Wheel, Announces Hard Corps a Week Late

We’ve just received news from Konami that Hard Corps: Uprising is out! Problem is, the game has actually been available and heavily promoted on Xbox Live for a full week as part of Microsoft’s House Party promotion. Either this is all a cunning ploy to get us to talk about the game an extra week or Konami actually forgot that they already released it.

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DemonStration2765d ago

Konami has really been dropping the ball lately in the download space. The XBLA Castlevania DLC was a fiasco.

athmaus2765d ago

Konami needs to pick up their game a bit, much money to be made in the download space

TheSanchezDavid2765d ago

These are the kinds of blunders a company like Konami can't afford to be making at a time like this. Step it up, Konami!

RogueCheddar2759d ago

Either way, we're talking about it for some reason.