Uncharted 2 Game of the Year Edition only $30 Right Now

The 2009 game of the year and arguably the greatest Game in existence, has received an amazing deal. Uncharted 2, Game of the Year edition which comes with over $35 of additional content, is currently being offered for only $30 with free shipping!

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Chupa-Chupa2611d ago

If you are a new PS3 owner or have yet to play this game. You are looking at the greatest game in existence, hands down.

Yi-Long2610d ago

... GOTY was never released here... :(

BattleAxe2610d ago

Theres still alot of people playing online too. I logged on a few days ago and it said 59,000 Daily Players.

Thedudehere2610d ago

i love the game! but i sat in match making for half an hour and i couldn't find anyone playing.

BattleAxe2610d ago

That happens to me too, I think its just a crappy match making system, but I always end up getting into a game. If I get stuck in matchmaking, I back out to the game menu and re-connect to the online servers and then when I try match making again I usually find a game pretty quick.

PlayerX2610d ago

The greatest game in existence? No.

LarVanian2610d ago

The greatest game in existence? That is a matter of opinion.

BubbleSniper2610d ago

" arguably the greatest Game in existence "

read next time.

mrv3212610d ago

Misquoting quotes...

I mean look at what you said

'[Uncharted 2]game? No.'

Now, while I'm not the most famous gamer, I haven't even played all too many of them to be honest, but I would call Uncharted 2 a game.

Prcko2610d ago

buy buy buy,go buy buy epic game!!!!!!

Goeres2610d ago

Might buy, sold my first copy :) Such an amazing game, and ones ps3 collection doesn't feel complete without it.

Janitor2610d ago

Somebody delete this shit, just got posted 1 minute ago and deal is expired? Jesus..............

TheShow172610d ago

It's not expired yet. You have to go to the right, under 'More Buying Choices'. I just ordered my copy. The problem is that it says it will ship in 2-4 weeks, so that might be the catch...

PeeWizzle2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

What a bunch of bullshit. There are so many better games. Its not even the best game from 2009, Demon Souls is.

The deal isn't bullshit (well it might be according to Janitor), the claim that its the greatest game in existence is bullshit.

Spitfire_Riggz2610d ago

A game is 30 dollars So you bring up demons souls and call this deal bullshit. Nice

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The story is too old to be commented.