[email protected] Reviews: Killzone 3

[email protected] Writes: "With everything taken into consideration Killzone 3 is worth your hard-earned dollars. Guerrilla Games made a huge improvement to a game that performed incredibly already. With slick graphics, amazing gameplay, audio that will make you take cover behind your couch, a decent story and multiplayer that will keep you coming back for more. Killzone 3 is the whole nine-yards and is what Killzone 2 should have been 2 years ago."

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cochise3132766d ago

Now this is the score this game deserves; not those trolling 8.0 and below scores.

Maddens Raiders2766d ago

looking console fps of this generation. Guerrilla delivered this game atop an audio and visual tidal wave.

Killzoned2766d ago

Got this game at around 11am, Started playing at 1pm, Completed the game at 9pm
whoever said KZ3 was 4-5 hours thats just BS

BigPappaPump2766d ago

Those who allegedly beat it 4-5 hrs, played the easiest difficulty on speed run. No way anyone can clear it quickly on normal mode without getting gunned down. IGN, you're full of shit!

cyborg69712766d ago

Loved the second and am loving this one. The campain to me is better than two. But who am I to go against the grain of such fine unbiased bloggers who said it was terrible.

NBT912766d ago

It is better in almost every way

Maddens Raiders2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

if that's true cyborg, you should take control of Templar & the gang & play thru the first KILLZONE released for the mighty PS2. You may be pleasantly surprised.

clearelite2766d ago

I got my copy today. Definitely a 9+ game so far!