Killzone 3: The Story So Far -- Bringing You Up To Speed On The World of Killzone

G4TV: It's been nearly seven years since Killzone was first unleashed on the world, and while many of you are intimately familiar with the story of the Helghast Empire vs. the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance, many more of you have been scratching your heads and wondering, "Why should I care about Killzone 3?" We're here to set the record straight, get you up to speed, and tell you everything you need to know, even if you've never touched a Killzone game in your life.

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PeeWizzle2701d ago

Hopefully they won't make a fifth one.

Redman222701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

@PeeWizzle referring to Gears3 "Looks a lot cooler than Uncharted."



If GG can keep things fresh and interesting with the KZ franchise then why not. I love the theme, storyline, characters and just about everything else. It would be premature to end the series at this point when it obviously has a lot of life left in it. Congrats GG you produced an amazing product and I can't wait for KZ4...5..6..7..8. : )

cochise3132701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

This game is so hectic, It's amazing. Although I loved the "weight feel", Guerilla has really polished this game to perfection. I'm surprised Rico is less douchy this time around.

darthv722701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

I cant play the first one though. The way it moves and looks gives me motion sickness. Not sure why as only one other game ever did that. The first halo. I just put up with it and got used to halo but killzone 1 I just cant get used to. May be the frame rate or how the graphics break apart at the edges from time to time.

I should finish 2 before I get 3 as I am sure there is a tie in I would be missing out on if I started playing 3 now.

cochise3132701d ago

Yeah part one was pretty choppy. They pushed the ps2 power too much. Overall i liked it though. It was cool how you could cycle through character.

NBT912701d ago

Nah I would not say you need to play KZ2 to get into the KZ3 plot... And even then kz3 does a fairly good job of explaining what happened in KillZone 2 anyway.

BattleAxe2701d ago


Who do you think is in the capsule at the very end of the game?

MajestieBeast2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

I love killzone 3 so far and wonder where the abysmal story is that reviewers keep talking about cause the cutscenes are very good. Stahl is a great villain

NBT912701d ago

Good cut-scenes does not mean good story. I mean sure it is cool seeing Sev ditch a jet pack in mid air just before it explodes, landing barely on a platform before being hit by a huge wave... But that is not story, the story is very weak...Not bad, just weak; I mean it is the literal definition of average

duplissi2701d ago

and.... so what does that make 90% of all other games then? which i might add apparently got a pass on that dept.

4me22701d ago

"duplissi" you are 90% right.

cyborg69712701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

The story is on par with every other fps. I find it to be light years beyond the second one and am enjoying it much more.

The reviews to me seem to be reaching for something negative to knock its score down. The hate for this series is epic and I love the taste of the butt hurt single system owners tears.

NBT912701d ago

If my opinion is that KZ3 has an average story, and 90% of all other Games got a pass on that dept, then it makes them have a better plot than KZ3... Pretty simple logic really duplissi.

duplissi2701d ago

uhg really? obviously i did not mean pass or fail.. that in fact most games are as good or worse but no one gives them penalties for it..

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