CVG Preview: Tomb Raider: One reboot too many?

Lara needed a makeover. Heck, the curves were still killer and the lips still sensual, but it wasn't Croftie's body that was letting her down - the opposition had simply kicked on.

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NYC_Gamer2702d ago

i'm done with this franchise its glory was on ps1

Active Reload2702d ago

" Tomb Raider: One reboot too many?"

Not if there is a calling for it. And I'm sure these companies have done their research on if such a thing is feasible.

lashes2ashes2702d ago

im looking forward to some of the ideas they have going in the new tomb raider

Balt 2702d ago

I won't even give it a first look, let alone a second.

plb2702d ago

Maybe if they go back to original formula but we all know that won't happen. Uncharted is my new Tomb Raider.

xYLeinen2702d ago

Let's reboot either the gaming industry or gaming journalism.

I'm voting for the last suggestion.

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