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GameArena wasn't a fan of Bulletstorm it seems, smashing its constant dick jokes and lame humour. They praised a few things core to the gameplay, which probably explains the high score, but the overall verdict was that it wasn't that great.

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Balt 2770d ago

I think it's utter trash and belongs with the countless other garbage fps cluttering up the market landfills. It is a new skin for Unreal and that is that. This was just an exercise in how Epic games could re-brand the stale Unreal franchise and nothing more.

DeeZee2769d ago

Wow, I don't even care for fps games, but I took a chance on Bulletstrom and I'm loving it.

Perjoss2769d ago

It's actually a great game. Leashing an enemy towards you then kicking him into the air and then headshotting never gets old.

Funny thing is there are much worse FPS games but people do not seem to pound on them, I'm sure it has something to do with its release date being the same as K3.

despair2769d ago

I got it today and it is a crapload of fun, its not like other shooters where you focus on clearing the screen of enemies and trying not to die, its all about the skill shots and every enemy is an opportunity to do something new to them and thats what you focus on. I mean the AI is not very smart and you take a lot of shots to go down and that's how it needs to be for the gameplay style.

It certainly would play like a boring shooter if you just killed the enemies by plain shooting but the added mechanics and the leash/kick/slide combos added really mix things up. I can see how it would get a bit repetitive later on but I'm 2-3 hours in and still haven't begun to get tired of it.

i wasn't sure of the game until I played it and I must say it looks really good(environments anyway) on the PC with max settings.

Its not game of the year or most amazing shooter or anything like that, its just a fun distraction and a lot of fun for what will be a relatively short time, but still worth the price in my opinion.

DeeZee2769d ago

I max it out on my Asus G73, but the framerate doesn't get above 34 :(

despair2769d ago

yea I get like 35 fps myself with max AA and settings, but if I reduce AA it goes up to 60FPS almost constant but still looks exceptional as 1920x1080 resolution helps.

Ducky2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

"If video games were comedians, Bulletstorm would be Dane Cook."

Interesting way of putting it, I guess.

HungryGoku2769d ago

That is the biggest diss I have ever heard for a video game.

CaptainGreece2769d ago

Ouch yeah that wasn't a good thing to say about the game.

Dread2769d ago


I disagree with the review, but i will not start calling them biased like certain group of people who visit n4g.

macky3012769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Well,.. it is no KZ3,..

I rented it and played it for probably just half an hour now,.. And It is pretty fun,..I don't know how fast I will get bored of the juvenile humor and how fast it gets repetitive,..
But so far it is pretty fun ,.. I would not drop 60 for it,.. but 6 seems really harsh to me,.. (Might change my opinion, if I get bored fast,..)

blackburn52769d ago

I don't know why they had to make the enemies so stupid. Everyone keeps going on about normal shooters you just shoot people but I would rather out wit smart AI that knows to out flank and take cover rather then run straight at me and get bounced around like beach balls. Why couldn't they be smart too so when you pull off combos it would feel more satisfying? In DMC 3 and Bayonetta it was great to break through an enemy's defenses and kick and chop them into oblivion but this seems like the equivalent of shooting amd kicking pinatas or sand bags. I would prefer if they put up more of a fight before I put them out of their misery. Instead it's like a sick carnival game.

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