( Review: Killzone 3's Arcee reviews Killzone 3, the latest entry into the shooter genre from Guerrilla Games and exclusively available on the PlayStation 3.

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hennessey862700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

although I will say again it looks a little rough around the edges visually, beautiful but a little rough. probably needed a little more pollish

Edit: the helghast HUD is cool

SIX2700d ago

I played 4 hours last night, and I find myself suprised at how much I love this game. The pacing is perfect and the story is much much better than what many reviewers are saying. The graphics are the best I've seen on a console. Again, another game that proves that there is a lot of life left on consoles. There are only a couple other games that made me go WTF! at the graphics. Seriously guys, don't let bad reviews stop you from getting this gem. They are not doing any one any favors.

hennessey862700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

very easy to follow, i dont know what ign were talking about. do you not think the graphics are a bit rough. if anything killzone 3 graphics have shown why we need the next gen. the ps3 can run the game but with no aa and some very low rez textures. ITS AN EPIC GAME THOUGH

SIX2699d ago

I think the graphics are amazing! I have a pretty powerful rig that can run crysis on full and KZ3 in my opinion looks much better. Of course when talking about textures, PC will always win, but as an over all package KZ3's presentation is second to none. Also, KZ uses MLAA which is equal to roughly 8x AA I believe. The only times I saw jaggies were on very fine lines where the HDR light would catch, but that's it. I don't know what you are seeing. Maybe the sharpness on your TV is jacked up to full. I played half of Uncharted 2 this way and thought that the graphics were terrible until I lowered it.

Arcee2699d ago

I have a top of the line system at home, large hd tv (no 3D,) sound, the works, and the game just looked beautiful on it. Better than any other game I have played so far.

hennessey862699d ago

its an amazing looking game but as for being better looking than crysis i think thats down to taste, Ive just startet the level where your fighting the enormous robot and it looks and sounds amazing

SIX2699d ago

You are right. Totally preference.

lordkemp0072699d ago

Six I couldn't agree more. You are spot on about turning down the sharpness.
A mate of mine buggered about with my TV settings during Unchartered 2 to adjust to his preference. I was aghast at the difference at what he had done. ( i suspect the little sod is half blind from over perusing jazz mags ) Anyway adjusting the settings and sharpness returned Unchartered 2 to its resplendant visual majesty.

SIX2699d ago

I'm reading your note and I feel like I'm a knight riding on a horse lol.

Game0N2699d ago

the reckoning is my favorite part. play it over and over again ;)