The Top 5 Games To Play While Pooping

With as much time as many gamers spend in the bathroom, it's important that that time is well spent. Here are the five best titles to help you make the most of your bathroom gaming experience.

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JeffGrubb2766d ago

Dr. Robotonik's Mean Turd Machine (Puyo Poop in Japan)

crazytown992766d ago

You don't want to establish an atmosphere of antagonism towards poop. It would be counterproductive.

Perjoss2766d ago

what are you talking about?

the headline alone beats the crap out of those 'comparison screenshots' or 'top 10 checks' articles!

ephellstrom2766d ago

Definitely beat "poopemon" Red for the first time whilst on the throne.

earbus2766d ago

Splashy cheeks 5 curse of a weighty nugget.

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The story is too old to be commented.