Mass Effect 2 Patch 1.01 Details.

The details for patch 1.01 for Mass Effect 2 improves loadtimes and more...

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KaiokenKid2701d ago

I didnt really care about the long loading, I mainly cared about the hitches, cahracter pop in, and desynched audio.

JoshuaN4G2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Hated the out of sync audio...

KaiokenKid2701d ago

what about the weird pop in and hitches the game had when opening doors, when transitioning scenes in a cinematic, and etc.

dc12701d ago

Got it for the PS3.. soaked up about 4 hours of youtube clips on ME1 back story as well as hours of Wiki study.
I had to Platinum ME2 and then played it for a third time to crush the collectors for kicking my butt on Insanity mode.
Needless to say.. it looks like I have to pick this one back up to play the DLC.

Perjoss2701d ago

If you did not play any of the DLC then you really should. ME2 has some of the best single player DLC around, especially Overlord!!

Damn, I need to play this game again.

dc12701d ago

Shadow Broker (This has to be the greatest DLC in the history of DLC) as well the Overlord (Ok.. a little tedious).

I’m just curious about the new DLC that will bridge the gap.

Lastly.. you are so right. Even after playing it through 3 time. You last statement made me want to play it again. So I will quote you:
"Damn, I need to play this game again"

Lirky2701d ago

There were times a bug happend where audio would be cut from when your exploring galaxies too.

InfiniteJustice2701d ago

Played through the game 3 times on different difficulties and it never froze once, in all that time. Only annoying load times are on the Normandy where it almost puts me off going to talk to my squad T__T

I just wish they'd address the New Game + glitch and let me carry over my weapons

Allowen2701d ago

I am not sure if this bug exixted on the PC/360 versions of ME2 but I finished it on the PS3 on insanity difficulty and I did not win the gold trophy.

Anyways I will have to play it again and it will be "easy" to play it again on insanity.

Bugs like this sucks !

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