Battlefield 3: New King of Graphics, Includes Comparison

An article about how Battlefield 3 looks like is going to be the new king of graphics. the comparison included is bewteen Killzone 3 and Crysis 2

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aviator1892650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Visuals are just the icing on the cake with the battlefield series.
I'm really looking forward to how destruction will be implemented here, something quite new for the series.

WildArmed2650d ago

Battlefield series has always been in the forefront in gameplay too.
It's alot more than just a pretty game <3

Redman222650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

That's a bold statement.

KZ3's MP looks and plays better than anything out on the market today so if BF3 can match it or beat it well then more power to them, we'll see what BF brings to the table.

All I know is that KZ3 MP maps are the prettiest I've ever seen the gameplay is fucking rock solid... so yeah BF3 has some big shoes to fill. I wish them luck.

And the graphics kind of consoles is UC but now with KZ3 hrrmmm that's a toughie.

evrfighter2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

indeed i mean to be compared legitly with crysis and metro. Then to bust out infantry, vehicle, and airborne combat. THEN bust out full on destruction with 64 players. killzone can't really be compared with the two as it uses low res textures, blurry mlaa, and some people (including me) don't really consider 720p HD unless we are living in 2002.

I mean crysis is nice to look at but now it just seems meh. That's exactly what next-gen is supposed to do. I get the feeling the real beauty of bf3 is yet to come

Screenshots are one thing but videos and gameplay are the cake itself. From what i've seen. the gaming world is about to come to a full stop for bf3 come GDC.

This isn't setting the bar. This is demolishing the existing bar and creating a new one with a new higher threshold. The ceiling of current gen just became the floor for pc gamers. Can you sense it? A new golden era of pc gaming is about to break down the floodgates.

tdogg060519912649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Best On PS3 for consoles and graphics look solid on PC

antoniomt2650d ago


Shadowolf2650d ago

Battlefield 3 based on this latest and brief gameplay trailer does seem to show some rather profound graphical prowess that has me eager to dive more into the overall scope of the game. These visuals are bordering on photo-realistic. And to think a multiplatform game could do that, who would have thought.

slavish32650d ago

this is all pc! why are console guy's happy it won;t look that great on ps360. they said pc was there focus=pc footage

antoniomt2650d ago

4 real bro ??? damn dude i was already happy xd

BrianG2650d ago

Battlefield looks great, thats all I'm gonna say. Can't wait to see some console footage up and running. Wouldn't mind having a nice PC to run it either haha.

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