Duke Nukem Forever New gameplay footage

The game with the longest development time ever is packing some hot action

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Mista T2734d ago

no new gameplay here, moving along......

bwazy2734d ago

Ahhhh, the article trolled me. Damn N4G is gettin good at that.

hiredhelp2734d ago

F*ck thats another preorder on my list. oh duke you dirty old git. its been a along time since duke3D did a lan party hookup on psx. now you back you looking smooth.
this reason for me get back to pc gaming. see that shine the smoothness.

bozebo2733d ago

'Fakest' commentator voice ever :P

I'm looking forward to this and I hope the pc version isn't a (flawed) console port, if it is I'll still buy it.