Incredeal! Psychonauts $2.49 Today Only! covers their love for abolutely bizarre platform classics with the announcement that has a one-day promo going on for Psychonauts. Grab this Double Fine production right now and be amazed!

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akiraburn2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Seems this got posted a bit late here on N4G, as the deal was only valid yesterday. The price is back up to $10, but in my opinion that's still a fine price for this great game. Anyone who hasn't tried it yet, should seriously look into grabbing it. It's a classic, and if you've played and enjoyed any of Tim Schafer's earlier work, you'll almost certainly love this game. Best of all, almost everyone should be able to check this gem out since it was released on PC, PS2, and Xbox, and can be found for relatively cheap all around. It's also on Steam for those who may want to check the pricing there.

Daavpuke2706d ago

It got posted immediately after writing, still leaving a solid 12 hours, but yes 24 hours isn't much. I also got it when on full price and it's worth every penny. If anything, I consider it a standard for other platform games.

akiraburn2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

@Daavpuke, Ah, okay. I wasn't sure because I couldn't find the posting time on here, only that it was just approved 5 hours ago. In any case, I definitely agree, and it's a shame they haven't gotten back to this series yet.

(btw, this was supposed be a reply, but it added an additional comment instead)

Daavpuke2702d ago

No worries. My articles don't generate a large following, so they sometimes get lost in the trenches :P. And yes, they should definitely do something more with this universe.