Be careful what you wish for: Why local co-op is evil

Bitmob Community Writer Chris Davidson slowly comes to terms with the fact that he might not like local co-op after all.

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illegalyouth2764d ago

I think you just need better friends!

choadley2764d ago

My Scott Pilgrim game remains unfinished because of these. Well, that and freeze bugs.

snipes1012764d ago

Well I think he's has decided to hate on this for the wrong reasons. If he had good friends he's be loving it. Also, I think he has split screen deathmatch confused with co-op. Wasn't he hollering about talking trading insults across the couch?

Urrakia342764d ago

wtf with the story about LBP. Even my gf usually plays about an hour with me till she gets bored, and she's not too into gaming. Although she does love MGS4......

helrazor3432764d ago

Sucks to be this guy, I game with my brother he's reliable (although sometimes I have to shelve a game that I'm going through with him for awhile until he's around to finish it, but he gets it, no training needed), and then there are my kids they're a little young now, so not the entire game library yet (too bad cause my daughter is an excellent pair of extra eyes, but a lot of my games aren't age appropriate for her yet, she's also not a bad gamer either).

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The story is too old to be commented.