Killzone 3 Review [VGB]

VGB: "Just go get it now, stop reading this review and go to the nearest game store to make sure this is part of your PS3 collection. Even if you haven’t owned any previous titles Killzone 3 can hold its own as a game and was an absolute pleasure to play, and then throw on some 3D glasses and do it all again."

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Shadowolf2765d ago

Great review! Straight to the point and enjoyable, keep'em coming!

Maddens Raiders2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )'s simply one of the best looking games I've ever seen. The scale? Incredible. The sound? KILLZONE. And don't say anything about the story, because if you've been playing this game since '04, you know the story builds on story lines spun from the original main characters: Visari, Hackha, Rico, Templar, & Lugar.

If one knows anything about this series, you'd know how big of a loss for the ISA (mentally and morale-wise) it was for Jan to be killed on the deck of his own ship; gutted no less, and how it feels for Rico to have lost a platoon & to have killed Visari while also instrumental in Garza's.

Most of these so called reviewers have no idea because they completely shyt on the notion of playing the first one through. They're too important to do that ¬ ¬. It's a good game, and a hell of a series. GG: mission accomplished.

Balt 2765d ago

What's sad here is that none of these 9 and 10's it's been getting are getting posted on Meta. It's crazy how they track score until the game comes out and then never care to go back and update the % with the influx of good scores after the fact. It's like they're so dead set on turning people off of certain games they'll undercut where and when they see fit.

electricshadow2765d ago

Who cares what Metacritic's score is of Killzone 3 is? If you know it's a great game, you don't need a website to tell you it's a great game.

Close_Second2765d ago

Well, KZ3 is the first game I have played where the cut scenes don't look as good actual game. I know that sounds strange but the cut scenes seem over clinical in terms of their execution.

As for the game...f**k me its in your face. Easily the best looking FPS I have played on a console.

Thrillhouse2765d ago

KZ3's cinematics were in-engine, but they were pre-recorded video files (this was done to help loading times). GG used the old BINK codec for these videos, so there are artifacts present.


Close_Second2765d ago

I know they were in engine but the character animation, the camera work all seemed a little stiff. It felt like further post production was required.

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