5 lessons Valve games taught me

Bitmob Community Writer Jordan Keller: Every video game has something to teach us. Here are five lessons I learned from Valve.

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Bathyj2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

5 Lessons Valve games taught me.

1. Crowbars can kill anything.
2. Physics can be fun.
3. Enemy solders all wear EKG's so you can hear them flatline when they die. This prevents them from ever playing possum and then grabbing your ankle as you walk passed them.
4. Headcrabs are not much better than Crotchcrabs.
5. Beware of vindictive bitches with the promise of cake.

Ha, I wrote this before reading the article. The first thing they mention is melee weapons.

Xfanboy2766d ago

Buy games cheap is what they taught me & don't accept rehashes! only play updated long term unique games like tf2!

gman_2972766d ago

5. Valve games are awesome.
4. Gabe Newell is awesome.
3. Steam is awesome.
2. Crowbars are, in fact, awesome.
1. Gordan Freeman will fuck you up with his awesome.