Eye of Judgment Gameplay Video got Eye of Judgment in at the office and while you'll have to wait for X-Play's review, check out this gameplay! represented red, while X-Play threw down in blue.

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Greysturm3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

More of a Magic feel to it than from current games such as Yugioh or Pokemon.

Loving the Graphics but if i buy this 90% of the time i am gonna turn of the sound the music and the announcer got in my nerves in this video.

AllroundGamer3679d ago

i know what you mean, therefor in the latest Yu-gi-oh games you can turn off all the long summon animations and the annoying voice, i hope they implemented some of that in this game too...

Rooted_Dust3679d ago

I'm not that interested in this game personally, but the technology it uses is very interesting.

squallsoft3679d ago

wow... this looks awsome. cant wait to play it! XD

Darkiewonder3679d ago

the voicing. Sounds so typical of many other voices. But other than that, it looks good.

uuaschbaer3679d ago

Playing this game would make me feel so uncool :/ but it looks kind of fun.

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