Amazon On the PS3, Xbox 360, and More?

In a world run by technology, Amazon has taken it's rightful crown in dominating the retail space online. Should they take another step of total domination and bring their market to our gaming consoles? GamerXchange gives their thoughts on Amazon as a service and ideas to bring that service to our home consoles and devices.

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cochise3132770d ago

I buy all my games from Amazon; they have the best deals. I love getting $20 gift cards, with free shipping and no sales tax. Down with gamestop and their crappy practices.

kreate2770d ago

gamestop might be a greedy capitalistic corporation. but i still like their buy 2 get 1 free deals.

of course... that comes at the expense of lazy or idiotic people trading their games into gamestop for dirt cheap.

cochise3132770d ago

That's the only time i go to gamestop. I love the buy 2 get one free also. i never buy new from there though. I never trade in either.

ReBurn2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

I already have this app. It's called

Agent_00_Revan2770d ago

Genius idea. hate having to copy and enter a code to receive my special item/reward. having it automatically registered with my account would be fantastic. i order every game i buy now through amazon due to the game credits, free shipping, release day delivery, add-ons, and always cheaper prices. there is no better and easier way to buy games then through amazon. this would only make it better.