The Bad News: Items not transferable to Pokemon Black and White

Good news! Players can transfer all Pokémon from the last generations of DS games to “Pokémon Black” and “Pokémon White!” You can accomplish this by using the fancy new PokéTransfer, which works similarly to the Pal Park, on Route 15 after you obtain the National Pokédex.

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crispinantista2461d ago

I didn't expect this to be a feature, but that really does suck for all those pokemon fanatics.

Andrew Wiggin2461d ago

I agree. It really is only an issue for those rare, equip items.

NosoleeToxin2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

I agree as well.

Caseydilla2461d ago

Hahaha xD And all of those items you need to evolve pokemon through trade... Fack.

Calm Down Sunshine2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

Should've left the old Pokemon out of it as well.

These games need a new, fresh start.

That's what I'd heard...
I was disappointed when I found out you COULD have the old Pokemon in it.

Redempteur2460d ago

that what they tried to do ..

lizard812882460d ago

if they didn't people would be mad. thats why pokemon R/S were "bad"

also, most of the stuff you can just rebuy. plus you get infinite TMs now. although it does suck. Dark Pulse is no longer a TM.

Caseydilla2460d ago

What!? But I loved the dark pulse TM. I love dark types.

Smacktard2454d ago

They did leave the old pokemon out of the game. You can only transfer old pokemon over after you finished the entire main game, so your whinings have no basis.

Caseydilla2460d ago

I wouldn't really consider Ruby and Sapphire "bad" for that reason. It is my least favorite though...Strangely. Silver and Gold will always be my favorites.

Also, a lot of pokemon won't be able to learn a LOT of moves that they could in the old generations. For example, charizard can't learn 20 moves he could in D/P and Hg/Ss ...

lizard812882459d ago

yeah, it is annoying with the moves. i have a hitmonlee, and in gen 5, iirc, it doesn't learn sucker punch....or anybody for that matter.

good thing theres the pokesav. although i traded my old team over so they have all of their awesome moves.

Smacktard2454d ago

Wait, why can't Charizard learn 20 moves in B/W that he could in D/P & HG/SS? It can't be the TMs thing, cause you can teach Charizard the TM in 4th gen before transferring him over, right? My mind's drawing a blank...