BREAKING: Alarming number of PC gamers still not used to getting shafted

Bitmob's Jeff Grubb reports: Reports are coming in from all over the country about PC gamers who are still surprised that they received a less-than-perfect port of a first-person shooter. They've taken to message boards and blogs the Internet wide to babble wildly about encrypted .ini files, frames-per-second governors, and other things I don't understand.

"What is this shaft, and why is it always inside me?" asked a confused man clasping a mouse and keyboard after installing Bulletstorm to his top-of-the-line PC. "I've seen it before, but I'd much rather it just leave me alone."

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JeffGrubb2702d ago

I get this! It is that thing called humor!

crazytown992702d ago

I don't get it...why don't they just buy consoles?

Ducky2702d ago

Didn't you read the article, it's cause they're poor bastards.

SuicideShaun2702d ago

Because with a computer you can do a lot more. the possibilities are endless.

BubbleSniper2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

lotta ignorance regarding PC users...

dktxx22702d ago

You can say that about console gamers too. Both sides are full of idiots.

blackhammer2702d ago

"We PC gamers are a proud people! Lets see you watch porn and play The Ballad of Gay Tony at the same time on the same screen, console-players!"

Yeah, PC just went there. Now its gotta throw away some tissues.

beavis4play2702d ago

if you can watch porn AND play games at the same time on the same you ever leave the house? that sounds like a lethally addictive combo!

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The story is too old to be commented.