Gamekit: Sony’s New Qriocity Music Unlimited Hands On Impressions

In the age of iPods and iTunes it’s easy to forget alternatives exist, it’s even easier however to forget that the same company bringing you smash hits like Uncharted and Killzone has a significant stake in the music industry, and that should they ever want to, they’re more than capability of rivalling Apples dominance in the Online music sector. Well it appears that time has finally come, as Sony launches a brand new music service titled Qriocity Music Unlimited.

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GraySnake2705d ago

pretty cool service... i want the background as a dynamic theme for the ps3 though...

rambonz2705d ago

thats actually a really good point, would look wicked as the background!.

GraySnake2705d ago

especially if it actually reflects the icons and makes a wave when you click on something.

phantomexe2705d ago

i picked it up for the 30 day free trial. I wish you could listen to the music while playing games. I'm not so sure i'll keep it after 30 days to be honest. It has promise

DelbertGrady2705d ago

It's almost like Spotify, except it's not free, doesn't have as much music and doesn't work as good. Awesome.

mushroomwig2705d ago

I also tried the 30 day trial back in December, it's a great service but I didn't use it enough to subscribe.

distorted_reality2705d ago

I wouldn't pay for something like this tbh....

I guess could be cool for people who would though.

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The story is too old to be commented.