Faces In Gaming: Then And Now

In the words of Steve Ballmer, “developers, developers, developers, developers!” There are many in the industry today, and without most of them, we as gamers would never have experienced some of the games that we’ve grown to love over the years. Many of these people have played a large role in the video game industry — but they’ve all come from somewhere to get where they are now.

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mathew932765d ago

Very cool! It's cool to see how some developers have changed so much over the years, in more ways then one :P

MoeThirteen2765d ago

Peter Molyneux's before pic looks like it was taken in the 70's -- AND HE STILL LOOKS OLD! Is he Dracula or something?

NaiNaiNai2765d ago

don't you know how fable works?

he beat the main story. he can't age any farther. XD

MPR112765d ago

Gabe = Heavy. POINT PROVEN

Kojima > God. he gets YOUNGER with age

Great read!

Dart892765d ago

Just like when peter finds the fountain of youth lol.

a_bro2765d ago

gabe looked skinny there

enigmaticheretic2765d ago

Is it me or does Cliffy B look like a douche bag in both pictures.

BK-2012765d ago

Haha yeah the only thing he was missing was the popped collar.

Hitman07692765d ago

This is an awesome article, kudos.

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