1UP: Dark Souls Developer Q&A - Bigger Maps, More Scythes and More Mind Flayers

For the Demon's Souls spiritual successor, Dark Souls, director Hidetaka Miyazaki and company plan to give players a much larger (and more open) world to explore, but it will doubtlessly be every bit as claustrophobic as before. In this quick email Q&A, he talks about some of his plans for that world, and drops a few hints on what kind of new weapons and online features fans can expect for the sequel.

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Chubear2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

One thing I've always wanted to find out in these interviews is will defeated foes have their bodies remain in the world or will they dissolve and disappear to help with processing power.

That dissolve and disappear thing is so last gen. I love to roam through the world in games like Demon Souls and see the carcasses of all the foes I defeated an hour ago still laying around the map.

TheBand1t2702d ago

Single handedly replaced Uncharted 3 as my most anticipated game in 2011

Lirky2702d ago

Nice article , glad they will focus on offline too just in case those of us who somehow lose our internet access can still appreciate the game fully without having the online-experience which would include tons of friendships & enemies.

anasurimbor2702d ago

Awesome submission man thanks

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