'Killzone 3' latest in line of successes for PlayStation 3

TampaBay: In the years I've spent writing about video games in tbt*, I've been accused countless times of anti-PS3 bias. No matter what argument I mounted — poor game library, cumbersome hardware, prohibitive pricing — I've always been accused of favoring the Xbox 360, just because it had the better angle on the market

Mark these words then, Sony fanboys: With the release of Killzone 3 on Tuesday, four years after the system's launch, the PlayStation 3 officially has come into its own

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Loner2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Its going to be interesting to see if that leak will have any impact on sales

@ Below

Probably because im not a troll

ugo2705d ago

you dont even know how to troll

The-Tentacle2705d ago

@loner the first step on the path of recovery is admitting you have a problem.

zeksta2705d ago

Not a troll, eh?

That's not what your previous comment history tells me and everyone else here.

silvacrest2705d ago

if the 360 can survive having every single game leaked, killzone 3 will be fine

dont forget killzone 3 is a 40GB download while most 360 games cap at 7GB, not everyone has unlimited downloads....

lordkemp0072705d ago


If you asked me how to fly a kite.

I would tell you to run off a cliff.

BattleAxe2705d ago

I don't know what the author of this article is talking about, the PS3 came into its own when Metal Gear Solid 4 and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune came out. We don't need some obscure guy from Tampabay to tell us that the PS3 has come into its own. Thanks....but no thanks.

Flashwave_UK2705d ago

its not FUCKING time yet son get back under yo bridge

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gamingisnotacrime2705d ago

is it Aprils fool?

this must be an attempt of sarcasm. KZ3 is the proof of february that the 360 cant touch the PS3 in so many levels, and Infamous 2 and Uncharted 3 will keep cementing that truth

palaeomerus2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

No, it's not sarcasm, it's just what life REALLY looks like 'wizout ze goggles'.

rob60212705d ago

The guys in denial, it's just too damaging to his ego for him to acknowledge the console he's always sided with doesn't have nearly as many good exclusives as PS3.

Kakasquall2705d ago

I love how Guerrilla Games are actually listening to the fans and improving Killzone to great heights!

Unlike another FPS we all know...

kanetheking2705d ago

one of the best co-op games around res2.had split-screen + 60 play online play has a solid campaign.res2 moved leaps and bounds over one.two looks like the best one in the series with so much stuff init.

JBaby3432705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Troll much palaeomerus? Your last two comments have just been jam-packed full of win. I'd ask you to try again without YOUR fangirl goggles on but you seem to have already met your one bubble too high limit. Bring your brain next time.

To everyone who can appreciate a fun game after a stressful day, ENJOY KILLZONE 3 and R2.

JAM_GAM2705d ago

Oh, boy! I'm glad to know... whoever this guy is, tell us that the PS3 has finally come into it's own... and officially, too! Where would we be without him?

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